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MIT research scientist Josh Siegel was just old enough to get his learner's permit at 14 when he found a 1955 Chevrolet 210 for sale online. Living in suburban Detroit at the time, he bought the car for $3,000 with earnings from his job at a summer camp job teaching kids to build model cars. ⠀

When he saw the Chevy roll off the truck, he realized he had no idea how to drive stick. He figured it out, thanks to some guidance from his father, and soon set about disassembling and cleaning the Chevy's 235-cubic inch six-cylinder engine. He studied electronics to redo the car's wiring and learned about chemistry while stripping off its paint. ⠀

The experience inspired Mr. Siegel, 29, who now lives in Brookline, Mass., to study engineering. Today his work involves placing sensors and modems all over vehicles so drivers can know everything they need to about their cars via devices like a phone.⠀

This Saturday, the Woodward Dream Cruise will roll through Metro Detroit, within a half-mile of where Mr. Siegel grew up. It is billed as the world's largest car cruise, with over a million spectators, and he will drive his 1955 Chevy in the event for the 13th time.⠀

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