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Ruben Onsu

Malaikat penjaga hati challenge
Thx kesayanganku @itsrossa910 and si ganteng
Kalian juga bisa buat berbagai video kreatif kalian kok
Cara nya:
1. Buat video durasi 1 menit bersama malaikat penjaga hati kalian, bisa sama seperti video diatas dengan gerakan yg sama atau siapapun yg kalian udh anggap sebagai malaikat penjaga hati kalian
2. Harus sopan
3. Harus kreatif, bisa fun/ romantic
4. Batas akhir video kalian di tgl 30 oktober
5. Disertakan #Sarwendah #MalaikatPenjagaHati
Total hadiah 7.5 JUTA
Juara 1 : 3.000.000
Juara 2 : 2.000.000
Juara 3 : 1 .000.000
Juara favorite : 1.500.000
(Berdasarkan like terbanyak)

Okey aku tunggu video kalian ya 😘😘😘
#rubenonsu #bensu #justruben #realbensu #jalani_nikmati_syukuri #janganlupabahagia #senyuminaja #rezekigakketuker #malaikatpenjagahati

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La Liga

That feeling... 💥⚽️😀

#LaLiga #LaLigaSantander #Villarreal #Álvaro #Bacca #Football #Goals

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فصبر جميل

Nah pesanan penaja:
Insya Allah mandi selepas makan tak akan buat gemuk tapi kalau makan selepas makan selepas makan selepas makan dan makan lagi yang akan buatkan sis sekalian gemuk insya Allah.
Dunia diet ni penuh dengan mitos, sbb tu kena ada pantauan coach berpengalaman.
Jangan diet sendiri2, kelak merana badan di kemudian hari 😎
Sangat recommend follow ig coach @adilah_fittrainer ni, Makan 5x sehari pun boleh kurus. Best sangat tengok result diorang! 🔥🔥🔥
Jom follow
@adilah_fittrainer .
Untuk tips mudah turun berat,dan program diet seimbang. .
Tag kawan2, bf, gf, yg nak diet tapi suka percaya macam macam mitos ni.
🌀 Coach Adilah

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Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is excited to announce actress and singer Victoria Song Qian @victoria02_02 as our first Brand Ambassador for Jimmy Choo in Asia. “I am so excited to be able to work with Jimmy Choo to create more beautiful moments together bringing to life the fashion story from each season.”
#JimmyChoo #SongQian #VictoriaSong #Asia #Fashion

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Paris Hilton

Happy Birthday to my beautiful aunt @KimRichards11 🎈🎂🎈I love you much! Keeping shining your beautiful soul! 🤗

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Ayu Tingting

Kriting jadi lurus cute cekali 😘😍

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Artgaleri Second account 🙏🗺

1-8 which one is your favorite?🤔
By : @rojiman
Follow us @artinstic more!

No copyright infringement intended
DM for issues or removal!!

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Maudy Ayunda

Clad in this intricate @saptodjojokartiko piece for the fashion show this morning. Congratulations Mas Sapto for your crowd-wowing collection and thanks my date for todaay @alvasus

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Jessica Mila Agnesia

Setiap ketemu orang banyak banget yang nanya, “kok rambut kamu bisa bagus dan sehat sih?” Ada yang bilang aku perawatan ke salon setiap hari lah, ada yang bilang aku selalu bawa hair stylish kemana-kemana supaya rambut selalu bagus lah, pokoknya macem-macem deh. Padahal jawabannya “NO” Rahasiaku cuma satu, aku selalu konsisten ngerawat rambut. Setiap habis keramas, aku selalu menutrisi rambut aku dengan Sunsilk Soft and Smooth Conditioner supaya rambut selalu terlindungi dari matahari, debu dan keringat. @sunsilkid Soft and Smooth Conditioner juga selalu aku bawa-bawa loh pas traveling, pokoknya say no to bad hair day. #gakusutgalepek

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Discover the new Furla monogram logo with a stylized double “F” inspired by heraldic lines and Italian heritage. Follow us to know more. #furlamediterranea #MFW2018 #thefurlasociety #furlafeeling #fashion #furlamonogram

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Yo! Dinner time! Follow @barked
#moonmoon #fooddance

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Nike Football (Soccer)

Deep under Barcelona, the Phantom emerges. @phil.coutinho 🔺🚇🔺
#AwakenThePhantom #NikePhantom #Nike #NikeFootball #NikeSoccer #Football #Soccer #metrobcn

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Liverpool F.C.

@jamesmilnerofficial up for @championsleague Player of the Week 👏 Vote in stories ☝️ #LFC #LiverpoolFC #Liverpool #UCL #ChampionsLeague

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Ranveer Singh

Jumping for joy.. ‘cause look who swung by !! @tabutiful 😍🤸🏽‍♂️ @itsrohitshetty #goodvibes #setlife #simmba

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Louis Vuitton

Matière Noire: unfurling dark layers of mystery. See the new #LouisVuitton #LVParfums Campaign via link in bio.

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Amazing by @nikitahhx

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Ольга Бузова

МАГНИТОГОРСК!!! РОДНЫЕ МОИ!!! Уже 22 сентября❤ Я спешу пригласить Вас всех на свой БОЛЬШОЙ СОЛЬНЫЙ КОНЦЕРТ «Под звуки поцелуев». Состоится он в Арене «Металлург». Споём вместе «Мало половин»🙅🏼‍♂🙅🏻‍♀, «Ночь текила», «Привыкаю» и все, все, все мои песни? 🎤💃🏿 Нам будет жарко 🔥🔥🔥
Билеты в кассе «Арены МЕТАЛЛУРГ» и на сайте Kassy.ru #Магнитогорск #ольгабузова Справки по телефону: 8(3519)45-58-45
#погородам #концерты #гастроли #подзвукипоцелуев

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Natasha Wilona

Konflik rumah tangga anak muda masih berlanjut lol jam 17.00 wib di SCTV

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Donald Glover @childishgambino, nominated for 16 #Emmys awards including Outstanding Lead Actor, Director and Writer on a Comedy Series for ‘Atlanta’, wore a custom grey and black striped #GucciTailoring Heritage suit, evening shirt with studs and a satin bow tie by #AlessandroMichele. @televisionacad

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Luka Modrić

Great way to start the #UCL
Gracias por el cariño, Bernabéu 👍❤

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Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

🎥🎂 #Draxladay
Happy birthday to @draxlerofficial who is celebrating his 2️⃣5️⃣ years old 🎉
Joyeux anniversaire à #JulianDraxler qui fête ses 2️⃣5️⃣ ans 🎉
🔴🔵 #ICICESTPARIS #AllezParis #PSG #Paris #Football #DraxlerxPSG

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Mia K.

There’s something to be said about walking into a fine dining restaurant and actually SMELLING food. When you descend into @konghanskaelder, the first thing that you’re struck with is the sense of craving... to get to your table you must walk by the kitchen, where the staff has dropped what they’re doing and lined up to greet (and kiss 🙈) you. I could go on and on about the best sourced gourmet ingredients, the tableside preparation, the beautiful gothic arches inside, or the wine list that would make your head spin; but instead I think the most important thing about this special place is simple: it’s hot, well prepared food. Evocation is fantastic when eating molecularly manipulated foods, but nothing beats the COMFORT of seeing steam rise from your plate, or hearing butter sear something in the kitchen. Nothing intimidating or needing explanation on how to eat... you just pick up your fork and knife, and dig in no matter how hot it is. It’s always worth the risk of a burn
(Description of each dish in my story, or in my Kong Hans moment on my profile)
Shot on @sony A7Riii with FE 55mm f/1.8 lens. Lightroom presents by @dcfoodporn

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:Dagelan - Asikin aja lagiii

Gemeshnyaaa :D
Video via @pikcapanda

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Masih Alinejad

⛔️⛔️⛔️ .

دیدن این فیلم برای کودکان مناسب نیست.

امروز فیلم های زیادی از قمه زنی به دستم رسید. ورق بزنید و این فیلم ها را ببینید. ایرانی ها در کنار پاکستانی ها و عراقی ها در کربلا قمه می زنند و سر می شکافند برای عزاداری.
نظرتان در مورد این خونریزی برای عزاداری روز عاشورا را بنویسید....

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"It would be impossible to go to a cenote and not feel some admiration for it. The pristine blue waters, the low hanging stalactites, and the light trying to break through the ceiling like it won’t rest until some brightness has been brought into this otherwise pitch dark underground cave is truly something to marvel at. It all just comes together so perfectly — a little bit spooky, yet inviting curiosity, wonder, and appreciation all at the same time." (📷: @vagablonde_laura 📍: Cenote Tak Be Ha, Tulum, Mexico)

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Raffi Ahmad

MENGHARAPKANMU by @mikael.ronodipuro
Composed & Arranged by @tengkushafick

Available at all streaming platforms. Music video on youTube

Jangan ada yang baper yaaa!!! 😁



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Outerwear is looking chic as ever this autumn! 🍂 #HM

Faux fur coat: 0653431
Coat with a tie belt: 0672590

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@mathiaskiss, artist and our fragrance lover, shares his passion for perfume. He played the game by opening up his atelier to us in a video in which he shares his personal relationship with childhood, design and box … @diorparfums #maisonchristiandior

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UEFA Champions League

Four 🔥 strikes from matchday one 💥

Which ⚽️ should top the poll?

#UCL #championsleague #GOTW

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