Loren Bunner @lorendaniel

Loren Bunner @lorendaniel

Kiba's dragging @joleeisakitten on a mission.



Stupid ass bitch I hope you fall through a hole so far that when you land you turn to dust or I will put you in the meat shredder and turn you into a taco and feed it to my dog and when my dog throws you up I’ll set you on fire and feed you to a possum stupid ass bitch faggot bum


Why have you done this terrible😖 thing?


Wow just read about this and why kill that baby instead of yourself... #fuckingcoward


You hid behind a fake screen i hope you fucking get shot like you did her you sinful peice of shit




And Hell has taken u on a mission




I'll visit you in your dreams. And it will not be nice. There are also good people that can do awful things. You killed her. You'll pay for this


@bradschappell lol


Yea to drag her away from u u sick bastard


Lol, she's bowlegged


I really hope when he is in Jail that his asscunt is widened to match the hole he left in the world. You're a garbage human being and you deserve nothing.


she did


The mission was to kill her mhm.


Yeah a mission to getting the hell away from you


he had the right idea running away from u


Kiba trying to drag her away from you




Hmm the dog probably witnessed the murder 😐


You fucking psycho!


Omg you're sick


Enjoy the endless ass rapings in prison




Useless paper clip