Mrs Cal @cal_mrs

Mrs Cal @cal_mrs

Well, it looks like #12 because it IS #12. Meal prep is back in full force! He goes to Kroger,buys the groceries & does most of the prep & cooking. I’m just the lovely assistant! 😁



Raised him right!


Raise ‘em right!


The man likes to eat. 😂


He’s gonna make some lucky girl a wonderful husband some day! He already cooks...but how about laundry/cleaning???? 😁😁😁


Some lucky girl is going to thank you one day!!! 😁


He sure does look like his mom!! If my mom were here, she would say that's good luck!


Sure is an awful handsome cook.


That’s great! Send him to my house!


Is he a good cook @cal_mrs


I ran into him and Carl Anthony the summer before Carl started the season with us. They were at Macy’s in men’s dept checking out at same register as me. Both were sooooo sweet and of course I made them take a pic with me.


You have done an excellent job with your son. 👍


I think we forget that these guys are someone's kid, just at home cooking and being normal


Better watch out, he may become a wonderful chef instead of a coach. It could add lbs.


I’m lusting after that range!!


Who cleans?


Does he make enough to share with you?!


You’ll make sure he gets plenty of floor time right?


Sure he learned from the best 💗Awesome stove!


He is going to make some woman very happy someday.


Kentucky country boy ...


I’ll bring the broccoli casserole Mrs. Cal. See y’all at 6:30. 🤗


That is the sweetest 💕


Grocery shops, UK fan, loves his mother, AND cooks!!!! Can we introduce him to my daughter!!


That's awesome! #12 needs to share some ideas!!