National Geographic Travel @natgeotravel

National Geographic Travel @natgeotravel

Photo by @BabakTafreshi | The most visited monument in Paris with about 12 million visitors yearly is more than a cathedral to French. In 1804 the Notre-Dame cathedral was the site of Coronation of Napoleon I as Emperor of France. As I write this Paris firefighters race to save the cathedral from ongoing fire that threatens an icon of the country and an important heritage to the world. #notredame #paris





😢I was so sad when it burned down I cried it is a great loss for the French people and for their culture.


Sad coz it's part of the History. But it will remain in the hearts of all who witnessed the beauty of Notre dame de Paris within.











A huge loss .... an iconic landmark of immense historical significance. A tragedy.






Magic is in the air


Please donate to the cathedral’s renovation on Notre Dame’s web site. This church needs a roof, but it can be saved.


Gran perdida😥






It was so sad to watch. Our burnt cathedral in Coventry was not rebuilt but stands linked to the new one as a reminder of peace and reconciliation.


Sad 😢


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Macron did it.


Let’s boycott France until the filthy rich Vatican pays for the rebuild.


182 yılda bitirilmişti,8 saatte yandı bitti,çok üzüldüm


182 yılda bitirilmişti,8 saatte yandı bitti,çok üzüldüm


So sad that this happened, but why rebuild it? It's not gonna be the same knowing it's not the original, and the billions of dollars could be used to help people.


Que tristeza 😢


Çok yazık oldu


Not anymore it burned yesterday night😢






Terrible loss!! Glad you got to visit it before this unfortunate destriction


@joanne_greyhounds gargoyles and graven images do not honour our Heavenly Father Yahuah in any way. The cathedral is also filled with masonic architecture, etc. Do the research into the abominations our Father Yahuah detests. Come out from her my people. Babylon. Shalom.



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