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Barstool Sports @barstoolsports

Cherry Bomb wanted a boxer....she got a boxer named Hurricane. Hurricane ain’t fucking around. Rough n Rowdy 8 is this FRIDAY. Buy PPV with LINK IN BIO. @roughnrowdy



@jahhnston right go tell that bs story to maury.


@bakedbass or at least told us, I bet 10k on her winning 🙃


@haileyypennington damnnnnn but you shoulda still came!!


@bakedbass I’ve won to many of those tournaments I guess.


@haileyypennington why?


@haileyypennington 🤔


@haileyypennington 😥


@bakedbass @jahhnston they wouldn’t let me fight lol


@jahhnston fuck her and pop top tabby that big beast no showed to


@bakedbass damn @haileyypennington let the whole world down


@jahhnston hurricane no showed I sat next to cherry bombs parents add me and watch the video


@bakedbass I didn’t watch. She get knocked out? 😂


@jahhnston that ain't happen tho 💤💤💤💤




Cherry bomb first year @tamiekaagreavess @_merner @alexkapasouris @samanthaboem


@nathandennis10 just knocked her ass out lolol


First girl has a five o’clock shadow and a chin like GI Joe.


U already posted this


So these are where the classy broads live.


@zachsauce i’m fucking dying hahahahahha


@maddyeking you at it again




@j_babyy22 that’s a good friend right there! Always supporting my dreams! I’ll be sure to thank you in my speech when I win ✊🏻#wedoitforRed #RUTHLESS


@julienicole225 I sent your video in to show them how rough and rowdy Paulding County girls get. #wegetitfromRed #ruthlessbitch


@orrmatthew because Barstool will literally exploit anyone to keep their frat boy fan base happy 🤷‍♂️


Why hasn’t there been and University of Texas vs Texas A&M one of these yet?!?


@gretchen.spence 😂😂


@laraohrourke gotta get you more insta famous


Why is it that every tomboy is from West Virginia


west virginia needs to secede from the united states


@mike_howser24 let’s roll!


@mike_howser24 let’s roll!




@denimjamez 🍒


@andycat3 almost as lame as your fucking haircut doofus




they finally got a girl that doesn’t look like an inbred or crackhead


@mc_megsmash you southern belle you.


@steph_lee__ dang straight 😂


Cherry Bomb sounds likes she outta breath already