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You thought the main event was good in real time?! Wait ‘til you see it in Fight Motion! #UFC236


  • Dustin Poirier

    Dustin Poirier





@siidooo__ très gros match 👌


@mil.axo Why do you say that? Interested in your take. 👍🏼


A anormalidade do Ser Humano!!!


After that loss Max is able to reach God Level I think. He has all he needs.




Порье стал новым чемпионом !


@dustinpoirier that striking game is looking a lot better.


One for the record books


@rayyan_azeez_ i want u like this💯


😮😮😮😮😮🙌🙌 it's about time diamond you finally got that title




@dionanggg Son


Let’s not forget, @menace155 put 💎 to sleep ... talking bout Out like a light, like a light. 💡


@genuineracing928 loser


Flyweight vs Welterweight 💯 #blessedera #PrideOfHawaii


@spi_coli ok true


145ers are like tf if Dustin cant put him out how am I? I'm never gonna get that Belt 😂 .. #blessedera 🐏


@chaz_thefishguy_hester yes i was on the fence i like both fighter but I thought they should both have equal highlights




@hexfrets_in_the_forest jones has never taken shots like that to prove he’s got that kind of chin. Also he’s on PEDs so even if he did you can never really tell


Dustin you monster!🔥💣💥


It was a clean match


Good boy's


@marteeen_ jones does, that's one of the reasons he's the goat.


@alijahmartinn what a moron


Man I didn’t want to see Holloway’s reign end. Such a class act. Funny. Humble. Poirier deserves a belt. THAT BEING SAID, Poirier somehow beats khabib and that’s a big if, Conor is allllll over that Poirier fight. That’d be a long lay off for Conor but it is Conor so 🤷🏻‍♂️


Such a good fight ufc needed this


One of the best UFC championship fights I've seen in a while.