United States Marine Corps @marines

United States Marine Corps @marines

The Commandant's annual Innovation Challenge is here.

This year, the Commandant's focus is on maintaining physical fitness.

How can we use existing technology to increase awareness of physical fitness and injury prevention?

Submit your ideas by April 30th. For more info, see the link in our bio.

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@ryannn.street lmaooo


@graysonlong1 oof


Pull up bars in the barrack rooms


Focus on strength building instead of calisthenics and conditioning


Run less lift more


@jhnnyrvrs in basic, I would stick to chicken and fish, with lots of greens.




Have a big airsoft game once a month


Create a fitness center in every corps stations and effective weekly


Make the chow hall great again


@marine_jesus and if they don’t while they’re in, they’ll be forced to do it once Jette out because they’re so broke.


Sorry for the typos. That should have said I was NOT burning nearly enough calories.


@marines It would be nice if half of the chow hall wasn’t dedicated to serving pizza, cheeseburgers, and fries EVERY SINGLE DAY. Go vegan


Remove the fat bodies


@billiamlee40 are there really no healthy options in the chow hall? There aren’t any fruits and vegetables on the side?? I ship nov 4th..


What is the song?


Tattoos policy


But I have to pray 5 times a day in my religion, can’t do that in the US Military.


@i.chincio I agree with you 100% on that. I think a better starting point would be replacing the crunches in a PFT with perhaps a plank for said duration. I think we can both agree those crunches are a joke.


@tgaribayfit I get being fast is to a certain point but 3 miles with no gear? That’s not realistic he cft is great and I like it but pft ? I don’t think you have to be a power lifter but you should atleast be able to be above average


@b_valliant back strength has everything to do with supporting a kit and pack in combat conditions, and I’ve never seen a 300 PFTer let anyone down for their physical fitness


@i.chincio to be fair. Running fast is much more important to surviving than being able to deadlift 600lbs, Brotha.


Yo if you’re a pool we get off the comments.


The chow hall is a big problem


@i_am_el_rey_ HITT training


Let people with tattoo sleeves in




@anthonyfasulo_ lmfao it’s true