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POLITICO @politico

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi minced no words while addressing the evacuation of non-emergency staffers from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad after vague warnings that Iran might be planning attacks in the region. “Let me say that we have to avoid any war with Iran,” she said, according to a congressional aide. Pelosi was joined by lawmakers in both parties in warning President Trump to avoid plunging the U.S into another Iraq-like war. Congressional leaders will get more information about the situation in the Middle East tomorrow during a confidential briefing with Trump officials. Link in bio for the full story. 📸 AP Photo



If ALL Else FAILS, Then Let's Start Conflict That Does "NOT" Exist! Now Everyone Is Talking About That While His Family That Were Subpoenaed Has Not Complied As Far As Everyone Understands! So To Make Everything Go Away, Lets Start A WAR So People Will Forget About How Close Congress Is Getting To The Source! And Most Thought The Alternate Being Is Deranged? Quite The Opposite! He Knows EXACTLY What He Is Doing! Hope Congress Will Not Be Deterred By His ANTICS!!! Which By The Way, It Is Getting BORING!!! #ManUP!!!




You gotta be fucking kidding me. We are not getting into another war. What ever happened to caring about the deficit? Are we just going to spend this country and future generations into oblivion? So much for fiscal conservatism.


Same set-up as the Iraq war. I don’t buy their bullshit for even a moment. We are the ones provoking Iran, and to Bolton and his saber wavers, it’s a chance to make TONS of money off another war. Think Halliburton/ Blackwater.


Nancy, we don’t want any of Trump’s ‘beautiful war’. This is an advanced case of idiocy that is sitting in the WH


Get’m Nancy! ❤️


What a shit show


SAY what you want about Nancy, but, she is like the Mother TRUMP NEVER HAD!!!




Who would trust her?


I want handcuffs for Barr.


Pelosi is a piece of shit traitor


We must avoid a war with Iran at all costs. But Congress must be updated and included in all plans so not as to give in to the war hawks in the Trump administration.


Just cut off the Pentagon, that's all.


Fuck Iran. Let’s bomb them into submission!


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But he takes no advice and does as he wishes