Heather McDonald @heathermcdonald

Heather McDonald @heathermcdonald

Jehova Witnesses: If you’re not going to get them to join your church, at least get them to name their kid heather. Heathers 4 Heathers. Keeping Heathers Hot for Generations to Come.



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So I live above north station (building next to city winery where you perform) in Boston and I see them everyday. I got my boyfriend to start listening to you bc of all my jehovah talk as we pass the subway on our way out each day... I basically beg for him to pretend he wants to join w me bc you have me fascinated about them & what they do/say.. this is some real Tea & could possibly lead to something. @evannnrussell @heathermcdonald




It’s a cult


I’ve met 2 young Heathers recently! One 18 and one 21! Both working at Target in Orange County 🤔 I’m full in for this cause 👏🏼


Ohhhh hey girl. @museumofbible lol.






Why is this on my feed?




@sloanecsimon this is gold you have to watch




#Heathers4heathers ❤️


Loved this 😇💛


I haven’t even started to watch it yet and I’m already laughing 😂


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I just tell them I appreciate their strong faith in God , but I already follow a religion that I'm good with. 😇 Growing up I had a friend that's father was a preacher, so when JWs showed up at her door she would bring out her bible and offer to read it to them. Lol. That was her way of making them leave in a polite way.






Tell them you used to be one, but left the church and you’ll never hear from them again.