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On Air with Ryan Seacrest @onairwithryan

We're still taking in the last #GOT episode 😤 and now #EmiliaClarke is weighing in on the backlash over #Khaleesi. Tap the link in our bio to read her comments



Wow people are so sensitive lol, this is the kind of show I've been waiting for, I'm tired of predictable shows. That's why I fell in love with the show, and look at the history episode one when Joffery beheaded Ned Stark, that was the first "wow factor!" So this was definitely expected and not that big of a shock! She tried to reason with Cersei but she wanted to play dirty bu killing her best friend and her child I would've set that bitch on 🐉 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 too!!!!!!


This is why I freaking love this show its unpredictable and they do the unthinkable. Yes that was a shock factor what she did, however SHE'S THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS!!!!!!! 🐉🐉🐉🐉 Cersei took almost everything from her bff and her child!!!!! Honestly I would've did the same thing and I'm proud of Danny for not letting that shit go, Kings Landing needed to fall like her baby did in the damn the sea. It suck the innocent was taking out as well but Cersei brought that on her own people! Besides who wants to watch the same boring endings not I, great story, great episode, and great work HBO @emilia_clarke #khaleesi #motherofdrangons🐉 #queendanerysreigns #finally #GOT #HBO #season8


We need to remade this shit, bc this entire season was not what we deserved as fans at all. PERIOD.


I think the season has been great so far. The producer's comments is exactly how I felt she must of felt at that moment. All the pain and emptiness she must have felt when she finally arrived there. She had lost so much and for some reason felt that taking back would fix it and it only made it worse. Cannot wait for next week, so I can rewatch every episode again.


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Just a little overboard🤭


Death is coming .... to mother of dragon


The ultimate portrayal of radical feminism. I love it haha!


I don’t understand why people are so upset about this... yes it was pretty horrific but... it’s history repeating itself and it was bound to happen after everything she’s been through .. I just think she’ll have a change of heart only it might be too late.


Where is the link?


Not liking the direction they’ve taken her.


come people. How blind could you be. i knew she would turn bad the moment she wanted to watch her brother die with gold in his head. there were soooo many clues she’d turn bad. and how about when she told Sansa her dragons eat. Whatever they want? meaning people too. @ryanseacrest 🤔🤔🤔🤔


Still pissed. Hoping the finale will be an awesome ending!


All I’m gonna say is that’s what happens when you mess with a girls best friend, you burn the city down to defend her! 🤣


She didn’t burn the Seven Kingdoms. She burnt the King’s Landing. She did it in the hope that the rest of The Seven Kingdoms will fear her so they don’t defy her like Varys or support Jon Snow instead like what she experienced in The North.


OMG...I just honestly can't believe what happened..I'm not over it


I have a well-founded theory, Dany suspects that Tyrion is going to betray her, because we all know that Cersie was not going to give up but, Tyrion told everyone that if they heard the bells stop in attack, and when he said that to Dany and Gray Worm before leaving Dragonstone she told him that they had Jaime, that in the end he did not leave his sister at all (implying that he possibly and setting a trap to prove Tyrion's loyalty) and when she hears him ringing of the bells and never see Cersie or know of her thinks that Tyrion helped her escape that is why it enrages and starts to burn everything and then goes and destroys the castle to make sure that Cetsie is dead. Because I can not find another explanation why burn what would be your home.




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I can’t believe people are shocked... I wasn’t! She said she’s going to do what she has too! The Lannister’s killed her dad, Starks! She has no family, her people close to her died ... she lost it 😩