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KKWBEAUTY @kkwbeauty

Mercedes wears the new Body Makeup in Medium and Body Shimmer in Pearl. Launching on Friday, 06.21.19 at 12PM PST only at KKWBEAUTY.COM #KKWBEAUTY
Photo by Vanessa Beecroft



Does this stuff prevent you from being able to tan while at the pool or beach?


Anyone who uses this should commit suicide


Love this, I totally need this in my life




ness no


godlike or godness


You got some good shots here! I mean I liked them 😸 specifically recent ones more 🤟


How do you take it off after applying the body makeup




@cochivette06 I’m not sure since I haven’t researched that far into it but I would imagine since it’s water resistant it wouldn’t come off very easily and the rub off would be minimal 😁


@kimkardakshain can this be used as foundation as well?






@olympicrider2012 would it come off on your clothes..?


Does the body foundation dry down? Will it rub off on clothes? I’m so getting this.


@hello_unicorn_102 вместо крыс позовём Ким к себе


@iv_saliuk отдыхаем от крыс 🤤


@hello_unicorn_102 это мы валяемся в Болгарии


@_katryynaa_ nope i noticed too lmao kim kardakshain😂😂


@mercedes_maxwell_ 😍😍😍 So proud




@kimkardakshain am i the only one who noticed it




@mercedes_maxwell_ YOURE AN ABSOLUTE GODDESS 😍


@kimkardakshain can I do your nails


I’m so proud of you baby girl!! 😭❤️ @mercedes_maxwell_


@mercedes_maxwell_ 🙌🏼🙌🏼


@kimkardakshain how many ounces are these?? Can't wait to purchase all 3 products!! 🤗🤗So excited!!


@sandra_valenzuela51 your welcome 🤗I'm excited too , can't wait !! ❤️


@blondiejmee ty..I must have missed that information...got really excited about the product 😊


@sandra_valenzuela51 it is water resistant and non transferable @KKWbeauty said in a previous post 😊👌🏻


@sandra_valenzuela51 probably not but Huda beauty has the same stuff that is water resistant and non transferable




As I had a look at your account, I liked your recent photos more 😊 very good 👏


@kkwbeauty @kimkardashian I am trying to purchase on your website but your Apple Pay isn’t working. Not sure if other people are having the same issue. I’ve refreshed. Started over. Etc and still having issues.




Where to purchase that underwear?


please restock the mrs west collection i need that blush 🌸