Halle Berry @halleberry

Halle Berry @halleberry

Once again it’s #HBBooksFromBed - If you don’t know @elainewelteroth by name, you know her work and will feel her legacy for years to come. She became the youngest editor-in-chief of @teenvogue in 2016, the second woman of black heritage to ever hold that title at Condé Nast. While at this position, she pivoted the publication towards true storytelling, covering hard hitting issues such as race, social justice and civic engagement with intelligence and empathy. #MoreThanEnough is her story, filled with all the inspiration you need to “bite off more than you can chew, and then chew as fast as you can" So excited to share this book with you today as it’s now officially available!


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    Elaine Welteroth



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It's amazing because that title is how i feel about you❤️


@halleberry I can't wait to read this book!!






Oh my, l have to get this for my daughter. This will inspire, push and drive her to her passion. Can not wait to get #morethanenough by @elainewelteroth as a beautiful gift 🎁 to nudge her in the direction of her hearts desire. Thank you for the share @halleberry 💕




Two more sheroes❤❤






Halle, I'm wondering when you're gonna write a book, The Real part of your life.🤔


Sonofmanstrueguide.com by A.DAMU


Sonofmanstrueguide.com by A.DAMU




you sure are 💯




My one and only Storm


Hey beautiful ❤️










Thanks ladies, its always a joy to see and hear my sisters lifting each other up. I follow you both, and reading this gave me joy. Keep being the true Queens you are.👑👑❤❤


thanks for generous recommendation #hbbooksfrombed i would be delighted to get re introduced the beautiful brilliant Author be properly introduced @elainewelteroth @blackskittles15079 nice to meet you as learning she historically cemented her legacy as the youngest editor & chief dating back since 2016 @teenvogue where this powerful publication that address hard hitting topic like race , social justice while empathy civil engagements , with intelligence truly#Morethan enough to sure to inspire you to keep your words soft &sweet before you have to eat them mutually thrilled as the beautiful author would be intrigue flattered as she would be that you gave her best seller recommendation to your social family yes i purchased these best seller to my platform thank you @halleberry for the mentioned happy reading /fitness friday & i see you with all smiles on the next one


Congratulations Ladye Berry