Tarte Cosmetics @tartecosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics @tartecosmetics

Mauve on over! 😉 Currently obsessing over our tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint in obsessed! 💄👄 DOUBLE TAP if you love full coverage, transfer-proof liquid lipsticks! #crueltyfree #naturalartistry









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Buenos días


@tephiew24 oooooh it looks pretty


Gorgeous color!




@c_dizzycurlz need


Оттенок ♥️♥️♥️ класс


@allenbernadetteocampo I’m not sure if tarte’s is paraben free, but try LimeLife’s! It’s paraben free, and there are so many gorgeous colors, we even just came out with new ones! You’re welcome to check out my page 💋


Love this color it’s going straight in my shopping list!


We love an amazing formula😭😭❤️


@a.walla_ I'm obsessed


@gabydabrowski this color




Love this!!


💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 love thissss shade


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i love this!!!😍❤


Definitely want to try a sample.


Oh it looks like it dried out her lips ☹️


Beautiful colour!




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This looks amazing!!


“Festival” it’s an absolute fave of mine ❤️❤️


Own it. These are my favorite lip paints. I would buy these over any of the other brands out there especially those “lip kits” that cost 40$ dont waste your money. Tarte is where its at.


@amanda.claire.k 🙌


How can I do to make my lips look bigger


@jamien1_ I love this colour and it’s not red! 🤣


@sandrabg27 this color?


The teeth are kinda freaking me out...


i want your teeth


One of my go to colors! That and fomo 💗


@mandypanic no problem 😊