National Geographic @natgeo

National Geographic @natgeo

Photo by David Chancellor @chancellordavid | Golden Wildebeest, Eastern Cape, South Africa - Along the Limpopo River basin, Golden Wildebeest naturally occurred adjacent to the Tuli-Block of Botswana. Earlier farmers in the 1920′s, called them “Vos Wildebeest.” —- The first Golden Wildebeest Bull, was captured by Alec Raff in the early 1990′s on the game farm Swinburne, in the Limpopo Valley, here they formed an integral part of the large migratory herds that once moved freely between South Africa and Botswana. Just over a quarter of century later its estimated than in excess of 2000 of these animals graze on South African game ranches, bred in the hope that hunters would pay a lot more to shoot unusually colored trophy animals. As early as 2011 the International Council for Game & Wildlife Conservation (CIC) declared color variants a manipulation of wild game and said they should not be hunted. The industry continued and prices at auction continued to climb until 2016 when the market collapsed. With color-variant animals, a supply of ‘unnatural freaks' was created for which there is no real demand. The animals that roam the land have become commodified, part of a new consumerism, marketed and sold, their ‘brands’ pitted against each other, their continued existence now a question of human demand, whim and calculation. Follow me here and @chancellordavid and @thephotosociety to see more work and projects #southafrica



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سلام دوستان یه پیج پیدا کردم فال میگیره خییییییلی دقیقه اگر مشکلتون سخت باشه دعا مینویسه من خودم اولش باورم نشد و‌ ناامید بودم اما وقتی پیام دادم و مشکلمو گفتم هم یه فال دقیق برام گرفت و هم یه دعا بهم داد خداشاهده مشکلم حل شد و هرروز دارم دعاش میکنم من قسم‌ خوردم ب همه معرفیش کنم سریع برید پیجش تا مشکل هاتونو حل کنه خداوکیلی هم قیمتاش مناسبه هم کارش درجه یکه و مطمینم خیلیا هستن مثل من ک مشکل دارن من تضمین میکنم این ادم رو خیییلی عالیه هم با خداست هم خییییلی کارتونو عاللیییی انجام میده سرررریع بریدپیجش😊😊😊😊🌹 @fal.doa1397




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