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Sports Illustrated @sportsillustrated

Floyd Mayweather up next? 🤔 (via @dejuanblake) [link in bio]



@khabib_nurmagomedov What an original idea!!!.... NOOOOOOT!!! You wanted no part of Connor on his feet. He's the more technical boxer so you out wrestled him... Floyd would pick you apart. Look for a paycheck elsewhere moron😂




People out here saying that Floyd would get destroyed In the ufc versing khabib but I honestly don’t think so, I bet you Floyd knows ground game and him standing up on his feat with his quickness as it is already boxing Floyd still has a very good chance of taking him out , I understand boxing and ufc are definitely different sports but mayweather isn’t an easy guy to take down plain and simple.


He just wants money lol


Fan boy....🙂


@killionrobi I think it’s just that he’s Russian and can barely speak English 😂


He sounds hammered. I think he’s mocking Connor


He doesn’t need to fight Mayweather in a boxing ring. He would get SLAUGHTERED. Where he is good at is his ground game. There is no ground game in boxing. Dumb if he does it.


@highlightjrd 100% correct. Khabib is not a boxer, he’s more mma... that simple


@jflinno4 The style of fighting done in each match was completely different


khabib wouldn't last 2 rounds lmao you can wrestle in a boxing match come on now.


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Nah b


@jflinno4 cause he’s good at the ground game their is no ground game in boxing


Esse cara é top


@floydmayweather change this mans life 😂


Wouldn’t stand a chance boxing Floyd 😂


You’re a wrestler not a boxer


Ain’t nobody paying to watch Mayweather fight anymore.


Chill Chicken kabob




If this happens, it has to be UFC. I ain’t tryna spend 60 bucks at least to watch 2 man lying on the floor.


Stephen B. Smith


Gtfoh man floyd would hit him 3 times and he'd tackle him






He ain’t gotta chance against mayweather


@highlightjrd thank you god for being the one to say that


@highlightjrd khabib dropped Conor a lot quicker than Floyd did 🤔


@vpecs5613 😂😂


You can't wrestle in boxing.....


Everyone wants to get paid. It’s not about heart and pride, it’s about the money


He knows he would take a L that’s why he’s laughing 😂😂😂 but of course he would say this he can take a fat L to him and still get paid 🤷🏽‍♂️


Bahahaha... you can’t wrestle in a boxing ring 🤦🏼‍♂️


Khabib just wants money now