Chicago Bears @chicagobears

Chicago Bears @chicagobears

Keep ‘em comin’. #MonstersOfTheMidway





We wearing the orange jerseys ?


Not gonna lie it would have been cool to put the original time of the game then have something happen and the time would change to the new time


Go Bears!!!


is it just me or do i find the theme this year of a comic freaking amazing




This is actually the coolest thing ever


the next game is very important. . . we’ll call it Operation: Ragnarok




Come on fellas we got this if we win this game the 5-11 6-9(hehe 6ix9ine lol) curse is over and we’re in the playoffs we win there we go BACK to the super bowl and take what’s rightfully ours! We have a chance to disrupt history just like the Eagles did a year ago


Target: Tamed




We been dormant too long , LETS TURN UP THESE NEXT FEW GAMES , trub is thrownin dubs 💯🐻⬇️🐻⬇️




Special teams needs to play well. No more bricking kicks and let's call on an onside kick next time and not let it go 10 yards and do nothing.




I’m thinking if we wanna win the north we gotta beat the Vikings at least once and beat the lions again




True test coming up. BEAR DOWN!




Honestly biggest game of the year this Sunday, get ready! 🐻⬇️


I don’t know about you guys but I know we are going to destroy the Vikings


Huge game coming ❤️