FURLA @furla

FURLA @furla

Up-to-the-minute flair for the Holidays with the Furla Club watches from our FW18 collection.
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Not to mention what’s the service in other countries when you want to send a broken item to their international service in Italy... I am speechless already 👎👎👎


Love this color heaps!!!


Stunning watches👌❤️❤️


Love it ♥️






Руки скелета 😣


Dear @furla How can it be that after 2 years of using the Metropolis handbag, the shoulder strap breaks again and you are not able to help me. thought that by choosing Furla in the package lI would get high quality, how wrong was l 🥺








@jesuistrinette perfect 😍






Hey! Cool img. #lit #tommyboy0808 #fashionblogger