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Harden has dropped 30+ pts in 30 straight games. The only other player to do that is Wilt Chamberlain 😤


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    James Harden



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@maflorida I mean sadly if we are being honest with that super team known as the Warriors are still assembled both players will sadly go with no ring


@austin_sheltonn and yet he has as many rings as harden with fewer travels, flops, suspect outfits, and games played alongside KD and Westbrook. PG is easily the more complete player 😂😂😂


@austin_sheltonn big fan on George it’s probably not best to talk about playoff performance while debating about him


@maflorida how did that first round go for Paul George? Oh yeah he lost to a rookie how many points did pg have in game 6 again? Oh yeah that’s right 5 points


Annnd they only have 33 wins.


@houston_custom_glass you got me there lol




Paul George and Russel Westbrook are better


Half of his points are free throws


@gopokesgopokes that’s right. But don’t forget when harden outplayed Durant, Thompson and curry in the same game! Without cp3. Haven’t seen Paul do anything like that.


@_wolfard your opinion doesn’t matter


What's the record?


But no rings

James harden 30 for 30 on espn coming soon




Equivalent to Phillip rivers throwing for yardage every game


Still won’t win a ring......


@ballerlife.j who cares😂😂


Harden still an average player that can’t do anything


@jacksonbryant12 what stuff you smoking? must be some good stuff


Stay padding


@j_veith12 plz don’t @ me it’s been a day...


@spencer_chavez361 the dude is a stat chasing loser who will never win any titles in the NBA. He is desperately trying to be relevant so he is talked about in the future that’s all he’s got to hang on to right now


Still hasn’t scored 70 points in a game Booker>Harden


Who cares


Hold that L


@nlmb.zae1k wen your in the wilt Chamberlain conversation that's crazy




How you going to say PG is mvp when he’s the 2nd best player on his team lol




Yeah, that’s nice, but @ygtrece got a triple double and scored 47,


How many championships?


PG> James harden don’t @ me


@thejermainebarnes my coach always told me that speed kills. So I drove in as much as I could cause if you get fouled you had free shots. Smart basketball !


@jacksonbryant12 this is an awful take, but hey


@thejermainebarnes the percentage drop is cause his shooting shoulder is messed ip


was playing the fourth quarter of a blowout to get this. #Corny