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1320video @1320video

How many of you would take this over the supra they released?! 😝 via @hiconsumption render by @rainprisk



I’d buy that in a heart beat. Sooo sick


I'm not a import guy, but, fuck yeah. 🤔🤣😍


@riiiim96 hahahahaha


@dan_the_old_man87 oh yea my friends monster Miata 😂


You mean the 2020 BMW Z4 4x4 concept


"Concept" This is a render, not a concept.


@jasonmk3st if Toyota made their own engine it would’ve been much more expensive. BMW has already done all the R&D. And besides, I think the vast majority of the people who could afford the new Supra, won’t care that it has a BMW engine. I have a feeling it’s going to sell well regardless.




@burkholder_tristan the issue is not about it being a good engine or not, it's the fact that if a toyota fan wanted a European engine, they would have bought a European car. Yeah bmw makes the only good i6 currently on the market, but I bet your ass if Toyota took the time and money to implement the necessary R&D, they could have made a fantastic engine, for a much cheaper cost too. Easily could have used the tacoma gearbox and based the engine around the given parameters.


That front is sick, aftermarket going to make it happen?


This is kinda cool


@dankasrz_s666 have you actually seen it in person? It’s even uglier than the pictures🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.




@inkphotography stock shortblock.. you keep doing your research dipshit... i bet you fucking drive a vw jetta... and cant even drive manual lol ... either way you cant afford either supra so your literally on here just to get your dick hard off thinking youre correct.


@charrly20 oookkkk ookkkk 😍




@evol_sti I dont have I have personal experience with them, buddies of mine have the mark 4 supra fan boy and it definitely can not handle 800 stock thats actually funny you think that.... keep doing your "research" fan boy


@cvalenz64 😂


2 words. The. Crew.


Was the new rav 4, tundra and the Tacoma trd not enough




As long as it doesn’t have a bmw engine


Looks better as an SUV than it does a car




Yee yee


@evol_sti the Supra can make 800 with a stock MOTOR, but not completely stock, which I imagine is what you meant to say.


@evol_sti “800hp stock”.
What are you talking about?
They couldn’t put the 2J in it cause it didn’t pass emissions. There are rules and regulations when you build a car, so you can’t just toss in whatever you want.


the Toyota guys should have taken more time to design the Supra


It suddenly isn’t a BMW anymore 😂


@djs_married_life i just remembered that miata you shared


Or maybe the wife would want one I can take to Prarie city


@dan_the_old_man87 that’s pretty sweet but I’ll stick with the crawlers


Rally fighter??


@jorge_dawg 😂😂 that’s ugly bro 😐


@david_dobbs I’ll run it by the boys.


Disgusting... my eyes have been damaged permanently. This car used to be awesome now i just want it to end


@gingium new build lol


@jr_ftw_ same dude it would be badass at Baja


@jr_ftw_ same dude it would be badass at Baja


@im_big_mike already saw that and I honestly like it