Feminist ♀ @feminist

Feminist ♀ @feminist

While happiness may come and go as our life experiences cause us to feel different things, positivity is something that can always remain with us. :)


  • Positively Sparkly

    Positively Sparkly





@alessiaaporru Thankyouu💋


@alessiaaporru 😘😘!




@big_willy_clout_god69 you realise you just made yourself look like an idiot


@luzifer92 this is so true! love you girl! wir sind solche positivisten ❤


@riley_ness11 ☝🏼


@bitc.hw.hy._ it’s a guy thing


@big_willy_clout_god69 what? You can't hear someone because of a lack of mayo? Just think that through...


@mariaa_siam HAHAHAHA YEAA HBB


@zoeabikhalill mnt kan jenten le mot positive jpense a toi ;)


@omandthecity ❤️


Haha I fucked a cat


@_nafla.nassar.__ ☹️♥️💯


Thank you I needed this


Fuck yes to this


@nourshokur ❤️❤️❤️








@valcaron_ UN VRAI DIEU


Fuck I always am extremely happy on the worst days of life. Because the people around me deserve it.


Thank you! I needed this 💕






@felihennesen @helena_plath264 ❤️


Love this ❤️🖤


@venushka.w ❤️




@illegaldrugdealerrr this is everything.


@jjasmineiiii oh ok that's for helping me understand! I hope you have a good day


@melaniesalame 100%%❤️❤️




@feministpunisher It’s just a cute encouragement post and you decide to post your astonishing ignorance here? Go away dick breath asshole.


@dallaslea3 You are so fucking stupid, I think your IQ is lower than your shoe size. Feminism scares your ego.




@mrsnathalie03 better days are coming very soon


Oof this just made me relise I'm even less positive then I thought