SportsCenter @sportscenter

SportsCenter @sportscenter

Paul George is on fire 💪


  • Paul George

    Paul George





Then he went 2-17 from 3pt. Way to spoil it Royce


@jbron86 1000%


@actionfigurejay THEY KEEP HATING


@93_isaiah facts




@zachnicholson_ mvp ?


Ok stop gassin my boy. Let us just play @sportscenter


MvP 🔥🔥 is now on fire.




@hu.nt.err it’s harden then George


Russ make everybody look good 😂


Goat 🙌🏾


@colegoodwin2 because harden has been doing it for four seasons straight lol I ain’t hating, it’s just more buckets 🤷🏽‍♂️




Nice harden still mvp




Wilt did more than that in one game lol




Harden could never


Harden would need 98 shots to get 92 points




lamelo ball scored 92 points in one game 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️




Personally I love PG and I think he deserves the mvp,but I honestly don’t think he will get it


They must of forgot the playoffs against Lebron. Good to see the man persevere and show the league the new level. #LetUsNotForgetMrWhyNotIsOnA3YearTripleDouble. @ygtrece @russwest44 #Championships




PG been eating the past 10 games. Y’all sleep


@ty.huncho1 past 30 games rockets are 21-9


Wilt chamberlain scored that many points in one game


@thatsjake23 aye my man @sam.egg


@a.billiards damn cool this man down


Can PG push the Thunder to the Finals?




It must be the haircut 🤣


@93_isaiah sadly thats probably whats gonna happen


29 free throws?????????? In two games???


So 26% of the points from free throws. But Harden gets a tough time who doesn't even have 25 free throws in his last three games.. But you know, if you're hard to guard, you will get free throws!!


@bjrojas1 .... what? Lol last year the Chargers didn’t make the playoffs... this year they made it to the divisional round after winning the WC.... and they lost against the SB winners....


Lamelo did this in one game he not special