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Antonio Brown has 74 career receiving TDs. Every single one was thrown by Ben Roethlisberger. #SCFacts (via Elias Sports Bureau)



@jasonslifko well I doubt he'd do bad with cousins considering Adam did outstanding


@onlyques_sayowt he needs to come home to the Pats man! #AFCLove


@music_vacation_repeat mind your business


@stuupend0us if Ben made AB then Eli made Odell 😂😂


Crazy how ppl really think AB wouldn't be AB with a different quarterback


@nickkpricee mike tomlin made Big Ben.


@natebennett1 it’s alright man the pats just won another Super Bowl so it’s good to see them finally have 6. Wait, we already have six...


@alexreid15 congrats you can’t read!!


Not for long.


@ernstaddison aha. Makes sense.


@ehorton812 Harrison was drafted 2 years before Manning. Not sure how many he caught, but I’m sure it was at least a few his first two years


@therealcjthedon nobody just walks into a hospital and says give me cancer I’ll pay you


@ab don’t forget


@mancuso.94 yes gronk has 76 from TB12


@mancuso.94 yes gronk has 76 from TB12


@mancuso.94 yes gronk has 76 from TB12


You straight up stupid if you think Ben made AB


@adamschefter most tantrums when not the games leading WR in nfl history too


He has played 9 seasons and Big Ben has not been healthy at all throughout the 9 years he at least misses 2 games a year so yes AB is a product of Big Ben! He drops a big 9 fantasy points when Ben doesn’t play. Ben is an all time great and AB is a product of his greatness not the other way around. Got to have a QB over a star wide receiver. Russell Wilson proves that every year.


@23double0_drama i dnt think it’s not just the regular season stats because Julio had more yards than him every year but 2 so that impossible lol


Pretty sure gronk and Brady?? Or we not counting post season?


@mconnors32 when did I ever say it was effecting his performance lmfao I think he’s the best wr in football




He ain’t no juice!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾


@adamschefter @mattgianesses damn off the field issues really effecting his performance


@stu.45 @doggett_12 sad to say I don't think he will be much anywhere else. Big Ben made the guy. Ab his career going to decline form here. Unless he goes to GB with Rodgers. That's the next perfect duo.




Now he can do the same with Dak. It all works out in the end after all...


@evanmigliozzi you would


Sound like he just isn’t getting the ball enough. Joe Montana or Steve Young is not walking through that door in SF. #fool


And has requested a trade 😂😂 what’s the point in posting this stat


Fake Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning have the most


@nickkpricee true


Ungreatful AB