Kardashian Clips @kardashianclips

Kardashian Clips @kardashianclips

Kourtney in Labour 😩👀



@josieejoyy she literally pulled the baby out 😂❤️💪🏻


@josieejoyy omg, I looked like a swamp monster compared to her 😂 she was so calm!


@gaitorbaitey @kinnamason omg she’s a beast


@jessejnes scared


@dyannaterzieva днес, цял ден ми казваш и показваш невероятни неща😲😲


@dyannaterzieva 😳😳😳


@denevita @bkalvina @mihaela_romanova тя си го хвана и си го издърпа уот да фак??????????????


@maya_campanelli casual


She was born to do this


@diviaraj kourtney literally asked whether she could pull the baby out i-


@inesdickman mood


Kijk hoe chill ze is @handee28_ @aleynad68


Auntie ❤️❤️


@bellaamoreshop yeah but doesn’t stop famous people they can do whatever they want apparently


@toktam_aboozary no one will ever give us the god damn credit we deserve and I won’t stop until we get it.




lmao she really did just grab that baby and pull it out ofbher own vagina like no big deal


@sweeetkarolyne lol I forgot about this i hope my births are this chill


@irooliianc hahahhahaha


@emileeziv bc you know she got that epidural 😂


@gemgemvdh how calm she is 😂😂


@alexisstamper @carly_mackney how is she just chillin like a baby isn’t coming out of her??


@claireelizabeth91 HAHAHAHA !!


did kourt get an epidural ?


Wtf she pull her baby out




Seriously giving birth is easy? 🤪




@t3rrific @meldeeee LOL look at how she pulls out her own baby HAHAHA


@izzyjohnson____ Yes I know that you’re allowed to have kids before marriage while in Islam we cannot have children without marriage


@kristinebjorsvik Sykeste


@martinevalkner omfg


She yanked her children out of the womb 😂😂😂


@independent_girrl don’t u mean u don’t want to have kids, marriage doesn’t have anything to do with kids


@susie.mp mason they said it’s a boy


How can they do it like its the easiest when its actually painful but not look painful at all . What the heck am i talking about . LOL . Im in Awe for kourtney 😍😱


That’s so weird she pulled him out she’s not even emotional bc he’s her baby or anything and she didn’t even feel pain wth


@irooliianc epidural 😎


@milkymo2 what