1320video @1320video

1320video @1320video

Brap Brap! Who would drive this little rotary powered truck?! #1320video



@apocavic_now just towed my 2300lb rx7 to the track and up a big hill repu did it no problem πŸ’ͺ🏼


@roadside.suicide.thc factory 13b


@thebluemongrul definitely!


Those rotary motors are impressive with their horsepower output vs displacement.


All damm day


@brian_skotch fucking bad ass bro! πŸ”₯


Rip mazdarati


Straight pipe and earplugs πŸ‘Œ


Ok that’s dope as fuck literally what I wanna build


I would love that considered i got no car


@finnegan999 what you guys should have done with the mazdarati before it took its unauthorized trip south of the border.


This guy would!


@ryan_s.97 show me a stock rotary engine that came with a Weber!? All repu came with 13b






@brian_skotch except for the advanced engineering the 13B got. Judging by how stock that engine bay is... Its a 12A which was kinda a turd


@ryan_s.97 pretty sure you couldn’t tell the difference with both engines sitting in front of you


@brian_skotch lmao nah pretty sure that's a 12A


@ryan_s.97 already 13b guy


Engine bay needs a little help. And a 13B




Does it have a 455 shaped hole in the bed?


One of those in central Arkansas that’s stupid fast..


My gramps used to have one, as a memento he has a part of the grill hanging in his shop.


@jkwonderbread πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»






That’s my boy @brian_skotch




@chuchoshoots why 12A? Aren't they short on parts


@thebluemongrul agreed!


@imakeboostbro but masderati


I think it should be yellow with a 455 olds in the bed








Make it boost πŸ€” holy sh....


Imagine that loaded up with a couple of beach chairs in the bed trying to chug up a slight incline




@carter_bistany fuck that give them a s10 or something they can chop up