Azusa, California

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by @americanwoodimporters

We just finished our most recent small batch of reclaimed is now bundled and ready to ship. SUPER EASY to put up, we already did all the work straight-line cutting, squaring-up, and generally preparing them to mount in your walls... Most of it is weathered/worn browns and greys. We have a limited number of painted "shabby chic" painted boards as well.

Bundles cover approximately 100 Sq Ft, and sell for as low as $3/Sq Ft (depending on order size). This stuff is great for interior walls, for facing projects, you name it! DM us for details...

Azusa, California

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by @eunhye_ssong_

When your baby sitter is also a photographer❤️ #babyedward #7개월아기 #아기사진

Azusa, California

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by @tylerbaray

To all my new followers, thanks. More pictures of Bon Bon and the San Gabriel Valley to come.

Azusa, California

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by @saraia26

Slowly getting there 👻

Azusa, California

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by @sct985

Just finish macsimizer tool box top . Size 66.75 by 27.5 inches and 1.75 inch thick with power outlet/usb
#mactools #toolboxtop #snapontoolbox #custum #toolbox #shops #mechanic #matcotoolbox #tools #backyeardmechanic #tools #socal

Azusa, California

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by @lulumorfin99

Don't miss a thing. Follow me on Instagram @kalmorfin and add me on Sapchat.

Azusa, California

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by @diazandrew7s

Hennythings Possible 😍
#blessthebottle @marie_madore

Azusa, California

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