Palm Springs, California

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by @folkrebellion

“I couldn't possibly have sex with someone with such a slender grasp on grammar!”
“See all these buildings, Russell? All these buildings were once a drawing on a piece of paper, and before that they were an idea in someone’s head. Any idea that you have, you can make manifest.” -
“Rebel children, I urge you, fight the turgid slick of conformity with which they seek to smother your glory.”
In 2007 I fell in love with the brain, vocabulary and wit of @trewrussellbrand. His book showed me a twin rebel spirit, a reach-for-the-stars naivety that those that have it long for others like them, and a general sense of goodness mixed with utter badness. Not usually one for celebrity - but this intellect and kindness and mind opening word smither is one I cannot wait to see at @wanderlustfest’s #wellspring2018 in Palm Springs, CA Oct 26-28.
I’ll be presenting ‘The Power of Pause’ where we’ll tackle the ins and outs of why “less is more” isn’t just a trend but necessary for wellbeing, creativity, and innovation. And! Each day I’ll be participating on panels with my friends like @suzybatiz and @dallashartwig and thought leaders I look up to like @love.radha @drewramseymd and @drmarkhyman.
I’m thrilled to spend time in the desert with my loves @marybethlarue @schuylergrantyoga @ryan_lemere @nicoleacardoza @chelseykorus and am mind blown to be featured with the likes of some of my favorite people to look up to @mariannewilliamson @paulhawken @seanecorn @aliciasilverstone @createthelove
Can you tell I’m excited 🙄 Who else is going? Meet you by the pool....
Join me. Link in profile
#wanderlustfestival #wellspring

Palm Springs, California

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by @martamendii

21 de agosto... hace un mes estábamos aquí... 😍@parkerpalmsprings #palmsprings #parkerpalmsprings

Palm Springs, California

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by @dougy70

My artistic procrastination on completing my two volume anthology poetry books, junk hill. I am going to be busy in October.
#junkhill #dougyfresh

Palm Springs, California

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by @cofileathers

Sometimes, a girl just needs a minute to regroup. #cofigirl #familytime #palmsprings

Palm Springs, California

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by @nicholaskontaxisart

Tomorrow Night Palm Springs Classical Palm Springs and Nicholas...Wish You could all Be There!

Palm Springs, California

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by @this_la_story

FིRིIིDིAིYི PིAིLིMིSི .
#desert 🌵🌴🌵 . .
Because awesome #palmtrees don’t only exist in #socal. . .
I took this pic a few months back when i took a trip to Palm Springs. It was the first time i had been back there in 11 years. Going back to a place you havent been to in a long long while and thinking of all that has transpired since is an indescribable feeling. But my immediate 🖤 for the #desert came right back. I fell in love with #palmsprings from my very first visit 16 years ago. I have visited countless times and Never not had a blast..Its just an awesome place to get away and escape. There’s something about the desert.. for such a hot place.. it gives off the coolest 😎 vibes. . .
I’ve got a milestone bday coming up soon and being that its been a long few years, I know just the place I’d like to go and take it all in as I get ready to take on my next decade 🌵🖤 🌵 . Do you prefer hot or cold destinations? . . *All pics are my originals.. DM for image share. #palm #palmtrees #desert #palmsprings #losangeles #california #desertvibes #friday #weekendvibes #cool #instapic #instaphoto #visitpalmsprings #write #palmspringslife #desert🌵 #writersofinstagram #blogger #mountains #weekendgetaway #escape

Palm Springs, California

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by @paisleyinparis

Friday, home, Instagram, California...happy. 😁
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Palm Springs, California

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by @pokydot5

Its Friday!!!😎😎😎

Palm Springs, California

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by @rick_sword

Morning selfie, ready for the weekend

Palm Springs, California

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by @fancyclumsy


Palm Springs, California

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