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07/06/1928-19/02/2019 JUNE MAY HAGE. I knew you would wait till my birthday, the first bday you haven’t rang me to sing me happy birthday. Now it will make my bday even more special each year, The last few days have been the worse, laying in a hospital bed by your side, holding you, wishing and waiting for you to say something or respond. Even though you couldn’t, you knew I was there by squeezing my hand, probably from hogging the bed. This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I don’t even know where to start, this women changed my life for the better, she basically raises me. the most generous person I’ve ever met, raised 4 children of her own plus grandchildren. Put anyone before her own needs or wants. Unconditional love no matter what I did wrong she would be there supporting me. The love she showed my daughter or anyone that I cared about. The comments I would get wearing her 60 year old leopard get ups, The brutal honest non filtered comments that poured from her mouth, the time she got kicked out my call list from school because she would get me every day at 11am to go shopping, school had her number on speed dial and said “are we calling nana” every time I walked into the office. Everyone commented on how well she dressed especially for her age, everyone loved nana. she was a beautiful human being and now she will rest well in heaven with her soul mate my grandad. No words can describe how absolutely devastated and shattered I am. You were my go to person for anything, never judged for what I did or how I felt.❤️ grandad is lucky to have you back. Fuck life is unfair sometimes. Rip the lady in red, rip my angel, rest High in the clouds. And if there is a god, don’t be too brutal to him. I miss you so much already. You will always be in my heart and mind. You may rest in peace, but you’ll never be forgotten, you touched many peoples hearts❤️ I’m so blessed to have had you as a nana/ more like a mum #wishyouwerehere


Love you sm babe💙🤤😂babbbbbeeeyyyyyyyy🤤💙🤞🏽🤟🏽


Love you my women can’t live without you 🤤😂😍FTA💙🤤🥰⚔️🤟🏽


Of you brighten up my day I make your day better💙🤞🏽🤤🥰🖕⚔️


Try this if the thirst is real ♥️😍 made myself, healthy icey poles! Just a cup of frozen mixed berries, cup coconut water & blend together & freeze! Cut that refined sugar out and have one of these! #healthytreats #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #quicksnack #healthyfoodideas #sugar #goodsugar #goodforyou #yummy #summer #iceypoles #ice #sweet


Evo 10 🙌 mates ride


Oops, I did it again 💋


Hoy ya! Karate 🥋 at our place tonight! What do your kids pretend to be?


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