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by @see_fire

Ta twarz mówi sama za siebie 😂😂 #finally #graduation #me #happy #face #polishgirl #september #licencjat #theend

Uniwersytet Gdański

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by @tomekbilik

Studia, studia i po studiach 😉📘

Uniwersytet Gdański

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by @yenjev1984

Today is a sad day for the Kashubians in Poland 😢. After only four years @uniwersytet_gdanski (University of Gdansk) decided not to go on with the university level studies on Kashubian Ethnophiloligy and announced to close the program.
We as the Youth of European Nationalities regret this decision cause we see the scientific, academic work on minorities as a very important tool to protect, develop and research the minorities. Without it we cannot strengthen and preserve the culture, language and identification of the minorities which eventually leads to the diminution and vanishing of the minority and with it an important part of the diversity of the country.
We want the authorities of @uniwersytet_gdanski to rethink their decision and to continue with the unique and specialized studies of the Kashubian language. Because the decision is not made solely for financial reasons – the studies were additionally funded by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration – we claim the University to name the reasons for the decision and to find a solution for it.
We want to encourage and support the students of the Kashubian Ethnophiloligy studies not to accept the decision and invite all the students of the University of Gdansk to support their fellow collegues to find a solution in this process.
Lastly, the University, where one of their most famous graduate is the President of the European Council and also a member of the local minority, cannot allow itself not to support and fight against the vanishing of one of the most endangered European languages and with it one of the most endangered European ethnoregional groups.

Uniwersytet Gdański

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by @motoschifo91

Busy second day!🐝🤓🐒 but is worth it

Uniwersytet Gdański

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