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Покажу ка я вам немного наших впечатлений😍
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“Only if youth had the knowledge and old age had strength.” -unknown #ageless #knowledge #strength #photography #blackandwhite


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Don’t forget I also do events birthday, gender reveals , baby showers, quinces etc !


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by @alexruxton

cave explorations: I-IV 🌊life gets dark, blurry. you just gotta make it to the light at the end of it all. it’ll take you to some unexpected places. but it’s the getting there that matters. make it an a d v e n t u r e.


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by @thewholeramata

Massive improvement!!
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by @achilleshypnosis

It is our #choices , #harrypotter , that show #whatwetrulyare , far more than our #abilities. - #albusdumbledore / #jkrowling I #teach my clients this #truth . #talent can only get you so far, but by #consistently #makingchoices to put you on a #betterpath you will be #successful, but you must #believe you are successful. #quotes #harrypotterquotes #betterchoices #deep


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by @mamaonamission__

Before I had my baby I went to a freezer meal class. We made 20 crock pot freezer meals and they have been my saving grace while I’m on maternity leave. They are just the main dish, so usually a protein and a sauce, and then you’re supposed to add your side dish (pasta, rice, etc). They are not all 100% perfectly keto approved but we have been using them and adding low carb sides. One of the meals was for French dip sandwich meat. I’ve been trying and trying to come up with a way to make this meal keto friendly, for weeks! My hubby and I aren’t big fans of the 90 sec bread so that was a no. Finally today I decided to take inspiration from @keto.copy and make a batch of fathead dough and instead of baking it, fry it in butter. Ooooh man guys, this was so good. My husband couldn’t stop talking about how delicious it was. We ended up just pouring the sauce over the top and eating it with a fork rather than actual dipping.. BUT this tasted like a legit French dip sandwich. 🙌🏻 •

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by @penroseband

WHAT R U DOING THIS WEEKEND?! Three solid shows coming at ya UTAH! Pick your poison! Fri: @abarnamedsuestate Sat: @leatherheadssports Sun: @snowbasinresort
It’s our last weekend run in Utah for a hot while! We hope to see everyone we love so we can show our thanks and say hello! Please help us fuel the next venture. 🙏❤️🤘


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by @tylerbeardall

The best time of the year :)


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Spooky oooky!


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by @danielcartr

I’m the luckiest guy to get to marry this amazing woman! ❤️❤️ #engaged #danielandkate2k18 #thecarters


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by @oliviafcall

The sun! Oh how we love your light!


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by @coleo

There are so many unexpected pleasures to living in Utah. Things I never could have imagined. Like the glorious sunsets. The hot, dry summer. The cool fall nights. The way the mountains make me feel like I’m home. The quiet solitude of snow falling on pines at 7,000 feet. But one of my favorites has been these patches of yellow flowers. After some research I have discovered that they are called prairie sunflowers. They are EVERYWHERE. In front yards, on the mountains, on the sides of the roads and highway. I find myself wondering how such a brilliant flower could survive this crazy, dry Utah landscape with no tending. It hardly rains here and yet these flowers have found a way to pop up as vibrant, cheerful reminders that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Nature can, and will, persist and survive. And with that, these colorful warriors remind me that I must do the same. That no matter what the landscape is, I must push through and bring as much sunshiney happiness as I can, both to myself and others. I will be so sad for fall to come to a close and these scrappy survivors to be gone until next year, however I look forward to the promise of their return. And the proof that maybe, just maybe, I have finally found where I belong.


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by @d.westphotography

I LOVE utah and the people and the places and not really the food but oh my gosh it doesn’t get better than this. I also could do without having class 8 hours tomorrow but other than that... it’s amazing. Oh and maybe roommates who slept more but that might also be the best part.


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