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Okay December was fun, now give me back summer ☀️ 🇵🇱 #bluesunday


🎄🎁🐾 May you have the spirit of Christmas which is Peace, the gladness of Christmas which is Hope, and the Heart of Christmas which is Love. 🎅🏻❄️☃️

💝 Merry Christmas to everyone! ❤️

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🐾 How To Communicate With Your Dog

🐕 Relationship with the dog is the work of both partners. Think about which of you takes on most of the work - you or the dog? Who more often tries to get attention?

🐾 Having walked together, you can make sure that the dog has its own rhythm for contact with the owner. From time to time she has a desire to see or hear you, less often - to approach.

🐕 You have the same rhythm. Usually the rhythms of a dog and a person do not match. People always call dogs, look at them and pet them,  more often than the dog would like. But a good trainer knows exactly when the dog would like to communicate, and when it would prefer to take a break from the attention of the human.

🐾 To rest from each other, you can tie a dog, but it is better if you walk a little bit without commands. You will see that after 2-3 minutes she will start to seek your attention. If the dog did not have time to relax, you need to reconsider the relationship with the dog at home.

🐶 The main mistake is when the owner comes home tired, he is not ready to listen to the dog. She has to do something to get your attention. Most often, the dog is punished, that is, receives attention, but negative. And both remain dissatisfied with each other. The command “place” can help, when the dog lies at your feet for half an hour. During this time you have time to drink tea, and the dog - to do what it is praised for.

🐶 The second common mistake is made by housewives, who constantly talk to dogs. Talk to her only when she comes to you and looks at you, and if she decided to leave or turned away, give her a rest.

🐾 Start from early childhood to praise the puppy for looking at you or for coming to you. Gradually, you will feel how much easier training has begun.

The Author: Sofia Baskina

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🐾 How to Stop Dog Howling

🐶 Start your workout with the door between the rooms. Set a timer to ring every minute. Leave the dog in the room, saying, "Stop!". Do not close the door. Log out. The dog should stay in the room, and you should be at the door. You will be divided only by the threshold. If the dog starts walking towards you, immediately go to him and calmly return him into the room. Say again: “Stop!”, take a step back and stand at the entrance.

🐶 After several repeats, the dog realizes that you want and remain in the room. After each ringing, praise and treat him whether he was silent or not. This exercise must be repeated until the dog begins to remain calm in the room, without crossing the threshold and not trying to get out. On average, this will require 10 minutes 2-3 times a day from 1 to 3 days.

🐶 The same exercise, but now with the door closed. Do not forget to treat the dog before leaving the room. If he starts to scrape with a paw, whine or howl, wait, come in and repeat the previous exercise 2-3 times.

🐶 Continue training with the entrance door open and then with the closed.

🐶 Increase the intervals slightly. Set the timer for 2 minutes. 2 minutes you are with the dog, 2 minutes without. 3 times with a dog, 3 times without. Total 12 minutes. After half a day, do the same exercise, setting the timer for 5 minutes. Stay 2 times with the dog, exit twice. Just 20 minutes.

🐶 Use the clock. Come out for 2 minutes, come back, praise the dog. Wait for 1 minute. Come out for 10 minutes, come back, praise the dog. Wait again for 1 minute. Come out for 3 minutes. And so on. The general principle now is not to increase the time of your absence, but to make it unpredictable.

🐶 Many owners do not believe their ears, when each time they return home, they do not hear dog's howling and barking. Just congratulate yourself - it was supposed to happen.

The Author: Sophia Baskina

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🐶 Five freedoms all dogs are entitled to

🐾 Freedom from hunger and thirst
The dog should eat normal portions, have access to fresh water 24 hours a day. A dog’s food must be balanced, not excessive or inadequate.

🐾 Freedom from disease
The dog must be healthy, not suffer pain. The owner is obliged to carry out timely prevention - to vaccinate, give the dog anthelmintic and also to give vitamins when necessary.

🐾 Freedom from discomfort
The dog should have its place in the house (even if it is allowed to lie on your bed, it has to be its own sunbed!). Sit on her sunbed with a book and try to spend 1-2 hours there. If you are unable to calmly read for one reason or another, it means that the dog does not feel comfortable in this place. She needs to relocate to another place.

🐾 Freedom to be a dog
The dog should walk 2-3 hours a day and, if possible, more, but no less. If you cannot provide enough load for your dog, consider hiring a walker. The dog must communicate with congeners. If, due to behavioral problems, she cannot do this (aggression, cowardice), then we need to address these problems as well. If the dog is not pedigree and has increased sexual desire, it must be neutered, since its motivation cannot be satisfied and it leads to frustration.

🐾 Freedom from sorrow and suffering
The dog should have entertainment at home, for example, toys. The dog should not spend too much time alone. The dog needs a permanent family, frequent change of owners is harmful to the dog. And the dog must be free from fear and anxiety. If a dog is anxious, staying alone at home, then, by correcting its behavior, we satisfy its legitimate right for freedom from sorrow and suffering.

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🐾 Dog Howling: Simple Causes And Simple Solutions

📌 A dog may bark at neighbors or dogs that she sees through the window or hears through the door.
📌 A puppy may whine be alone at home, signaling to you: “I am stuck! Come back and help me out so I could follow you!”
📌 A dog may howl or bark from boredom, train to attract your attention or call the surrounding chain dogs.

🎥 If you have a tablet and a smartphone, you can download the free app with a webcam. By installing the tablet in the house, you can watch the dog through the phone. It'll help to understand what reason makes the dog howl, bark or whine.

🐕 A dog barks through the door. This is a typical dog behavior that may be desirable for owners (“well done, guarding an apartment!”) or undesirable (“neighbors have already written a complaint”). But, think, if the dog does not bark, then what will it do when it is bored? So that she sleeps in your absence, put her bed in the hall so that she can comfortably lie and see the door. Try to leave toys or treats, which she will be busy for a long time. Sometimes it helps the music or TV.

🐶 A puppy who calls you for help, as well as adult dogs that grab you by the leg to prevent you from going out the door, do not understand that you are leaving them intentionally. In this case, you risk accidentally encouraging the dog, returning to check if something really happens to the dog? This is another reason to use the webcam - if the dog is OK, there is no point in returning.

🐾 If the dog howls or barks of boredom, think about what entertainment you can add to her. She can't bark and play with toys at the same time. Perhaps something reinforces her bad habit? For example, she hears a neighbor shouting “Shut up!” or the another dog's answer. Then you should move your dog to another place.

The Author: Sophia Baskina

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🐶 The Dog runs away. What to do? Part II.

🐕 If your dog likes to chase cyclists or scare pigeons, these tips will be useful for you.

📌 Walk near the pigeons and cyclists. If the dog twitches in their direction, command “Come.” If the dog has approached - we treat and praise. If he doesn’t come to you, we gently pull the leash, force him to come up and praise without treats. In the second version, we go to a quieter place and 5-10 times we work out the calling on a leash so that the dog will run with pleasure to you. Go back to moving objects.
📌 In addition perform another exercise. If the dog runs after bicycles - we sit on a bicycle and learn the dog to run after his owner on a bicycle, if he runs after runners - then we go to the stadium and encourage running after the owner, if after birds - we go to the place with birds and encourage scaring of birds. One important thing is to come up with a new command for these actions.
📌 Thus, we ensure that the dog pursues the bike / runner / birds only after a certain command, so that the dog knows that it is not forbidden to do this forever, but only to explain when and where it can be done, and when and where it will be inappropriate.
📌 Increase your dog's stamina. When you call a dog and the result is stable - you can begin to give a treat after a second, two, three. If the dog is sitting and waiting for delicacies - praise and reward. The amount of remuneration may vary, then be sure to let off the dog with a command. This exercise will prevent a quick departure from the owner without a command.
🐕 Remember that there are situations that bring the dog in such excitement, in which he forgets everything. Complicate the tasks gradually and always be alert. Train your dog a little, but often.

The Author: Daria Vyshenskaya

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🐶 The Dog runs away. What to do?

🐕 If your dog likes to chase cyclists or scare pigeons, these tips will be useful for you.

📌 When a puppy is playing with other dogs, excitedly runs in a circle with a ball or runs for a walk quickly to you - you need to make the same type, rhythmic sounds, but only when the dog runs in your direction (you can whistle, clap your hands). In this way, you create an association “sound = run to the owner” in the dog’s head. In the future, you will be able to direct the excitement of your dog, even if he forgets all the commands.

📌 Command "Come". It is very important not to hang over the dog when it approaches you. Put one foot back, always be friendly, if the dog acts correctly. If you are out of sorts, annoyed, leave the training and go home with the dog. The approach to the owner should always be a welcoming and joyful event.

📌 The next is the motivation. So, if your dog likes to work for food - we slightly cut down the diet and give out all the meat for work on the street. Going to the park, cut the daily rate of meat and put it in your pocket. If these are games, take your dog’s most favorite toy and let play with it only for executing commands. On the one hand, the dog gets everything you need (vegetables, cereal, dairy products, ordinary toys), but the most beloved things become an exclusive, for which he needs to train all the best.

To be continued...

The Author: Daria Vyshenskaya

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🎊 Storm and Fireworks. How to survive?

🐕 The best solution is to take the dog out of the city, where the environment is quieter. The worst thing is to leave the dog alone at home or in other people's hands. Having lost either the owner or his home under the noise of fireworks, the dog may go insane.
🐶 One week before the holiday, prepare a place in a room with no windows where you amay hide the dog and thereby reduce his anxiety. Put your animal’s favorite toys and give some treats in there.
🎉 Make sure it’s easy to find your dog if he gets lost. He must have a token on the collar, a microchip at the withers. A bright bandana, a vest with reflective stripes – all of the above and even more may save her life. Do not let the shy dog walk without the leash.
🐾 Consult with the vet in advance, what drugs can be given to the pet. Finding a vet on New Year's Eve will not be easy. It is better to test out the drug before the moment X.
🎊 Plan the feeding schedule so that the dog does not need to use the toilet late at night. If you have a small puppy, then let him make a puddle at home. Cleanliness is easier to achieve than courage. If you know that the dog can wet himself for fear - wear a diaper on it.
🐶 Your control of the situation is a component of success. When people or animals flee in panic in case of disasters, they focus on those who behave more calmly, believing that there is no danger next to it. So you teach the dog to look for you and rely on you.

The Author: Sophia Baskina

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Vedrai che è bello camminare senza mai sapere, senza mai sapere dove ti portano i passi... è la fantasia che trasforma in pianeti i sassi 🌍✈️✨ #tb #wroclaw #poland #travel #adventure #summer #explore #globetrotter


👫 Dogs and Babies. Part 2

🐶 In most cases, a domestic dog takes well the birth of a baby, but sometimes problems do arise.

🐾 As soon as the child is near the dog, she tries to play with him. A movable, playful dog should know the “sit” command very well so that you can always stop it.
🐾 If the dog starts to play and bite your hand - do not hit her! Just say "hurt", pull out your hand and stand back. If the dog wants to play, stop playing in this situation is the best punishment. Get so that you can feel the dog's mouth and she was calm - did not start playing and was not afraid of such feelings.
🐾 Infantile, and especially young dogs, are often jealous of the child. If you walk a lot with a dog and treat her after feeding the child(!), then jealousy usually disappears.
🐾 Some hunting dogs believe that a baby under 5 months is something like a cat. If you see that the dog constantly watches over the baby and is unusually excited and tense, keep her at least two weeks in a collar and with a leash dragged behind her in the house. In case of an unfortunate set of circumstances, you will have time to catch the dog.
🐾 Toddlers often tire dogs, make them sick and not all dogs tolerate it. If so, try not to leave the dog alone with a child under 5 years old.
🐾 Do not leave treats and dog toys lying on the floor. Do not let the child come to the dog when the dog eats. Do not punish the dog if she is nervous, otherwise she will develop the association "punishment-child." Useful exception: a toddler can help put the dog bowl.

🖊 The Author: Daria Vyshenskaya

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