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Congrats to Dr. Donna Strickland, a fellow Canadian, for earning this year's Nobel Prize in Physics! She and Dr. Gérard Mouro invented the chirped pulse amplification (CPA) technique, which is used to boost the intensity of laser pulses. CPA is now the basis for most ultrafast laser systems, including those used in laser eye surgeries! 👀
Source: @sciencemagazine

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Happy #legalization, Canada!

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Climate change is coming for your beer! The newest episode of #SidenotePodcast is live (link in bio)! We discuss climate change, which is causing a decrease in the global beer supply thanks to droughts and prolonged heat waves. Folks can expect the prices of their favourite brews to go up, especially in wealthy, beer-loving countries like Belgium, Canada, and Denmark. Pour one out for the barley! 🍻🍻🍻

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Turns out that it’s possible that lizards can DREAM! Researchers have confirmed that lizards, like humans, exhibit two sleep states, and that these two states bear some similarities to slow-wave and REM sleep, respectively. The REM sleep state, in particular, even differs between lizard species! AsapSCIENTISTS, what do you think lizards dream about??? Source: PLOS Biology

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This is a snapshot of how your mouth pronounces words. 🗣️ The physiology of speech is fascinating!

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It’s officially October! Galápagos tortoises can live up to a year without food or water! It's the largest living species of tortoise, and has been known to weigh over 900 lbs 👀 🐢

Source: @sandiegozoo

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Scientists have, by using stem cells and gene editing, produced mice with same-sex parents! Researchers set out to address the question of why mammals can only undergo sexual reproduction, while other complex organisms -- like reptiles, amphibians and fish -- can naturally reproduce asexually. Though these findings don’t necessarily indicate that this practice would work for humans, the research does show us what’s possible!

Source: @fatherly @cellpress

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Please welcome this mysterious visitor from beyond our solar system: the enigmatic ’Oumuamua! Early measurements had astronomers inferring that this interstellar traveller was an asteroid, but subsequent spectroscopy and thermal modeling data revealed the presence of ices similar to those seen in comets. Not an asteroid, not a comet, and after months of research scientists were unable to decipher its origin. AsapSCIENTISTS: what do you think?

Source: Quanta Magazine @quantamag

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AsapSCIENTISTS: it's Thursday, check out the NEW VIDEO (link in profile)! Tag someone who needs to watch this, lol 😂

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SOUND ON! While on the beach, elephant seals will wiggle their noses like dogs to detect scents. They use nose even more than their eyes to find and recognize family members!

Source: @100proofvodka on Tumblr

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Manatees control their buoyancy by farting! Unlike certain species of fish, manatees don't have swim bladders. Instead, they're able to regulate the distribution of their intestinal gas, which they're able to build up by eating a whole lot of plants! 💨💨💨 Edit: an earlier version identified sharks as having swim bladders, as well. But they don't! D'oh! 💀

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The newest Sidenote episode is live! This week is all about Masturbation 😬 EEK! Link in bio! Is it an addictive habit or a healthy pleasure? Tune in for the facts, figures and fun, and feel free to join the conversation using the hashtag #SidenotePodcast!

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