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TONIGHT AT 10 on TruTV! Join me, @ardenmyrin, @lancebass and sleazy mattress salesman @brameaka as we ruin SLEEP for you! Then after the episode, join me back here on Insta for a live-streamed Q&A. Gonna be fun!


Keeping myself company while I wait for the bus. First new episode of ARE airs TOMORROW at 10pm on @trutv!


Back on set with lil comedy goblin @eaxford


Gentle reminder for Californians / Angelenos: vote YES on Prop 10 and Measure B! Prop 10 lets cities fight the rent crisis; Measure B lets LA take control of its finances. YES and YES to that!


And so can you!


We had to shoot on Halloween so the crew dressed up as me! Also my Executive Producer dressed up as a giant candy corn. Thank you to Nick @meddlesomefilms, Danny, @shea_day, Yunea and @jwolfstagram for making set hilarious today!


My dad has been a Red Sox fan ever since I was a little kid. When I finally got into baseball in college, I became a Red Sox fan too, despite never having lived in New England. When I moved to LA, I started rooting for the Dodgers. It’s made a city I often feel disconnected from feel more like home. But when my dad comes to town to go to his very first Red Sox World Series game with me, my loyalty to the blue is strained at best. So I put this to you: Why not root for both? Love you, Dad.


Did standup in a parking lot by the light of the moon. SQUATMELT! 📸 by @sammmgoodvarela


I am taking my new show MIND PARASITES on a 24-city tour! See me LIVE in your city as I reveal the biological and cultural parasites that are seeking to control your behavior. Ticket link in bio! Art by @hellophia !!


My friends and ARE co-stars @eaxford and @murphaxmurph’s incredibly funny show HOT DATE just dropped on Netflix! Em and Murph are the two most talented people I’ve ever worked with. If you hate dating and love fucked up sketch comedy characters you will flip for this show. Check it out after you’re done binging ARE!


Big news! Adam Ruins Everything is NOW STREAMING on @Netflix! It’s a great big glorious grab bag of 20 episodes from our first 2 years. And after you’re all caught up, get ready for NEW EPISODES coming this November on @TruTV!


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