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In my new podcast Humans Who Make Games, I have a longform, intimate conversation with game creators like Edmund McMillen (Binding of Isaac), Derek Yu (Spelunky), Christine Love, and more! Find it on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts. Art by the amazing @hellophia!


Our amazing makeup team @alexperrone and @sherihoover surprised me with matching “ACTUALLY” index finger tattoos in honor of our show. (Swipe for a closeup.) ❤️ I can’t thank them enough for making our show what it is.


#TBT when I met my childhood hero @alfredyankovic and he revealed his true form, the devil.


So proud of our incredible crew’s work on last night’s episode. Swipe for pics - @triciacrobertson’s team built this ENORMOUS and gorgeous Everest set, and @timwilkime @matty_garrett and @cisnerho shot and VFXed the hell out of till it honestly looks like we’re on the top of a god dang mountain. One of the coolest things our team has ever done. And wait till you see what we have coming up next when ARE returns this summer!


Author photo for my new self-help book: “Adamnomics: The Life-Changing Science of Oceanic Psychology.” Despite what you have heard, it is NOT a cult. 📸 by @vonswank


2019 TOUR DATES! I’m taking my mind-bending new show on the road. Ticket link in bio - Come say hi!


This is America.


Got to be a guest on my favorite podcast Waypoint today. Listen to me get VERY emotional about Nintendo at!


Hit the picket line with @alisonlzeidman to support LA’s teachers and students in their fight for smaller class sizes and stronger public education. @wgawest represent! #utlastrong #solidarity


Tonight at 10pm on @trutv I reveal the dark truth about avocados in Adam Ruins a Plate of Nachos. Written by @zacoyama research by @bethysquires. Tune in!


Why did bacon suddenly become a meme? Because the pork industry paid to make it one, while covering up the deadly health risks!

For more, watch the premiere of ADAM RUINS A PLATE OF NACHOS this Tuesday at 10pm on @truTV!


Christmas Day hike in Oregon with Dad. (And Peaches the dog just out of frame.) 🏔