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Personally, I don’t think so. I think a lot of the old-school thinking would not attract the same wealth today. I think the younger generation would move quicker and there would be a major displacement of wealth.


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Well, let me tell you about this picture as this picture motivates me more than any picture of any exotic car or pile of cash.

When I was younger my car got repossessed in the middle of the night. I remember handing the keys back to the tow truck driver and walking back into my house feeling like I was at a all time low. As if things could not get any worse, of course I was hungry so I opened up the freezer to see what I had.

Yep, it was another night of ice cube soup.

Even in those darkest of nights, I never thought about giving up and I never thought that I would not become a success one day. I am the type of person that gets fueled by situations like this.

And it’s why today I never accept excuses from anybody. I just don’t have patience for it.

And I’m always going to do anything or whatever it takes to succeed. I will clean toilets, shovel shit, whatever needs to be done. 2 o’clock in the morning, I’ll be at the office. Just tell me what it takes to succeed and I’ll do it.

Anybody else have memories of a freezer like this?
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Don’t you think that sounds better? Ha ha


From me @akashawnthomas One thing I have learned from you is to be humble, transparent, authentic, and to serve you.

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How many years have you had your business and have you reached your initial goals yet? If not, what is the one thing holding back your business growth? #nashville #mostwontiwill


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Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Are you ready? #nashville #mostwontiwill


You can’t pour from an empty cup.
I have learned that if I take care of those two relationships and nourish them, that the other relationships in my life do better.


What is your greatest fear?

For those people that have not gone down the personal development journey, they don’t realize that what we normally fear is not really the root of the fear. There is usually a greater underlying fear that we need to discover and conquer in order to truly achieve happiness and have a positive outlook for the future.

Personal development is something I encourage people to start earlier in life than later. The longer you go, the harder it is.

I have attended workshops, conferences, had personal coaching, therapy, and NLP therapy. Personal discovery is amazing. #mostwontiwill #nashville #tedx


I spent all day thinking of the hashtag I want to use for 2019. What is yours?


What is one thing you want to accomplish in 2019 and nothing will stop you? #mostwontiwill #nashville


Hang around a successful person and you can just feel it.

It’s the way they talk. It’s the way they listen. It’s what they say. It’s what they don’t say.

They don’t announce things they’re going to do. They don’t feel the need to. You can just feel the success around them.


Accomplishments I have had throughout my life all come from the strength GOD has given me. Many have had it way worse than I have, and I always keep that in mind.

My parents taught me to believe in being a good person with a strong work ethic and to always do the “right thing“. I am blessed beyond belief with the people I am connecting with here on SM and working together to make the world a better place. ITS GREAT TO MEET YOU!