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Alexander Strate

Focused on living my best life 🤙😎 #Blessed #DreamTeam #AOLifestyle #Altig

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Alexander Strate

Golfing with the boys, wouldn’t have asked for a better start to our Birthday 😁🔥🏌🏼‍♂️⛳️

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Alexander Strate

BBQ, Pool, Mom, & Dad ❤️

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Alexander Strate

Find your Ikigai 🙏❤️🔥

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Alexander Strate

Chargers versus Cardinals with the Dream Team 🔥⚡️🏈

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Alexander Strate

Guess where I’m going to be tonight!! #BoltUp ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Alexander Strate

Arizona Monsoons and Lightning Storms ❤️

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Alexander Strate

Dream Team Vibes: Raise Your Frequency 📈😎🔥💯

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Alexander Strate

✅ Grow up in Vegas for 20 years
✅ Take a risk moving to Arizona by yourself to try something new
✅ Lead the Billion Dollar company in Rookie Sales your very first week

Love my team and love protecting families! Between Financial Services and Digital Marketing, the future is looking bright 😎

If anyone is curious what I do, or is considering a rewarding career change in Financial Services, our office is hiring. 📈

New agents start at $80k/year, managers start at $100,000+. If you refer someone we hire, I’ll pay you $150 for the referral. Just comment below or send me a direct message! 📬

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Alexander Strate

Protect yourself from negative people like your life depends on it... because it does! 😳💪🤙

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Alexander Strate

You are the most you-est person you’ll ever know. Why would you try to be like someone else? #BeYourself #Unapologetic

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Alexander Strate

Life changes when you start to actively practice self-love. ❤️ If anyone would like to practice increasing their self-love, I’d recommend reading The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. 🙏

Have a beautiful day everyone (and to my future wifey, wherever you may be, have an extra EXTRA beautiful day 😜😘)

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