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May you never be too busy to stop and breathe under the palm trees 🌴 or do acro! @fitflexjuli in his Triumph short showing insane strength with his friend @stronglikesosa! #aloyoga


@eleonorazampatti in her Nadi Bra & Airlift Legging shares what yoga has taught her: “What yoga teaches us, and what we must reinforce every day, is that in every moment we are perfect, even on days when we re not moving into poses perfectly. In every moment, we need to be patient and let the practice open our body and our mind.
To put things into perspective, the more inflexible we are, the better candidate for this journey we make.” #aloyoga ✨📷: @sfreneenyc
What has yoga taught you? Tell us below 💕


Do what sets your soul on fire ✨ @nayitavp in her Peak Bra & Trainer Legging shared how she gets inspired:
“1. Reading! When I’m uninspired in my physical practice I pick up any yoga related book & continue my education.
2. Music 🎶 Music heals! I get naked and dance in front of a mirror. #thereisaidit
3. Step away and recharge 🌍 Putting the phone & tablet away and going into nature 🍁🌺🌞🐾 4. Meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️Clearing my mind of external and internal distractions allows me to be more in tune with my inner voice. When relaxed I automatically have more room for creativity.
5. Instagram 📷 I love to catch up and see people’s success! I’m inspired by your photos, words, and you sharing your passion on this platform.” ❤️✨#aloyoga 🙏

How do you get inspired? Comment below! 💫


Be a ⭐️GLOW GETTER ⭐️ Light up your yoga practice and flow with @kaylala88 on Alo Moves!! Kayla’s newest series, Glow Getter, launches today and we are the most excited 🙌 The series contains six vinyasa classes based on the fire element to build heat in your body and stoke your inner flame. Challenge yourself with creative, dynamic flows that explore backbends, arm balances, and inversions! Cultivate inner and outer strength to push past fear and go beyond your limit — get ready to ignite the fire within and share your light with the world.

If you haven’t tried @alo.moves yet, download the app now or head to to sign up for your free 14-day trial! Get a sweat in whenever you want, wherever you are 🙌

Kayla is flowing in her Chance Tank & Aura Short ✨🙏❤️#aloyoga #alomoves


Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create ✨ @adellbridges & @dylanwerneryoga create amazing counter balance together in @aloyoga 🙏

Tag someone you want to try this with! ❤️ #aloyoga 📷: @tomwilsonleonard


The best time to celebrate is whenever you can 🎉 @laurasykora brought the practice and love of yoga into her daughter’s life at a very young age. Following in her mother’s footsteps, @minilaurasykora has been dedicated to her practice and has gained some major core strength. Laura & her daughter are a dream team with their headstand leg-raises 😍 P.S. watch until the end ❤️ Laura is wearing her Sunny Strappy Bra & Dash Legging 🙏 #aloyoga


“Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey complete.” ✨ Words & insane flexibility from @seonia in her Smoky Quartz Moto Legging, Alosoft Lush Bra & Extreme Crop Tee 🙌 #aloyoga


“Having a practice which increases awareness is a demonstration of compassion for yourself. It is an active acceptance of your pain, an embrace from which we can move forth a little freer.
It starts with us.
Love starts with us. It is our responsibility to care for ourselves tenderly and then to extend that care and compassion a little further, a little deeper each day.” 🙏words & flow courtesy of @talia_sutra & we could not agree more. At Alo it is our mission to bring yoga and mindfulness to the world, it is why we exist.

Talia flows & inspires in her Shine Slit Bra & Shine Legging in Coco 💕✨#aloyoga


“Look for a way to lift someone up. And if that’s all you do, that’s enough.” - Elizabeth Lesser
@gypsyon__ & @miz.liz @maxandlizacro support and lift each other in this amazing acro pose 🙏 both in the Airlift Leggings & Sunny Strappy bras ✨❤️ #aloyoga


💗Happy Valentine’s Day! 💗 Surround yourself with people who fill your heart with love, laughter and light, today and every day✨ Sending so much love and appreciation to our Alo family 🙏🏻 Our mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness to the world, something we could not accomplish without all of you 💕 Tag the person who’s nearest to your heart and spread the love! 💫

@ania_75 shares her heart with the world in her Flamingo Alosoft Lush Bra & Lounge Legging 🙏 #aloyoga


“Our lives are made up of a series of moments. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to have hundreds even thousands of them. There will be small moments. Moments when you’re doing something so mundane you won’t realize you’re in a moment. There will also be big moments. Life changing ones. These ones will be in your memory for an awfully long time. Keep them all safe.” ✨ anonymous
@kristenpro glows in her king pigeon pose while wearing her Extreme Long Sleeve top, Sunny Strappy Bra & Airlift Legging in seagrass 🙏❤️ #aloyoga


We are on a LAVENDER CLOUD ☁️💜 Whisper-light and total pastel heaven, we are obsessing over this must-have color from our Spring 19 Collection. Head to our site and shop everything lavender cloud from bras & tops to leggings & Velvet puffers in this on-trend favorite ✨

@adellbridges gets super bendy in her wheel inversion wearing the lavender cloud Trackie Bra & Alosoft Goddess legging 😍🙏 #aloyoga