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When Laikyn decided she wanted to be Carmella for Halloween, she went straight to google and started piecing together her costume. She was determined to be the perfect mini Carmella. We all think she knocked it out of the park. What do you think @carmellawwe ?


Happy Halloween from Alvin and the Chipmunks!


Laikyns first concert couldn’t have been more fun! “This is the best day ever” was said a lot and that means she will hopefully never forget it!!


Laikyn was feeling herself at the @taylorswift concert with her braids and space buns! I’m so glad I get to give her fun hairstyles that make her feel funky and happy!


I love the pop of yellow in this piece! I don’t use yellow much but after seeing the way this turned out I’ll definitely be experimenting more!


I am having a hard time coming up with a name for this one.. 🤔 Any ideas??


I have always loved to paint and draw or really do anything artistic but because life gets so busy I had not painted in a long time! I got the itch to get back into it and here is a sneak peak at one of my recent creations!


I just can’t believe how grown she is starting to look 😭! On another note though I’m low key jealous of her backpack 🤣


This girl has always been all about fashion but this year she has definitely grown up in her fashion sense and is starting to remind me a lot of myself (hints the all black)! 😂


Officially a 4th grader!!


Everyone sparkles in their own way!


Life won't sparkle unless you do!