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I'm coming to Calgary to talk photography! I'll be talking about my business of fine art prints and diving into Panos! check profile link for the details :)

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having a great time here in TO catching up with old friends meeting with clients and getting some shots in. Check out @chase.teron story for a meetup tonight on center island!

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I've started a new account so pls follow @chris.collacott !

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Chase your dreams!

Ok, this is a phrase I often hear. But I'm not sure I like it that much to be honest. I mean, I get it, if it means "chasing your passion in terms of a career that you love and thus the "work" does not seem like work". But in my opinion, it is not a "dream" you should be chasing.. but a "reality". You should chase your new reality - and actually make it happen. And yes, it does require a lot of work. It does not just happen with a snap of the fingers. It happens with many steps in between. Having a goal, and finding out the steps in between to achieve the goal. And if there are mis-steps (which there always be), anticipate them and have several paths to get you there.
When I quit my 15 year career in IT - I din't just one day tell myself.. "ok, i'm just going to quit and see what happens". I had a plan, and it took 4 years to execute that plan from the time I got my first camera. I quit once I was earning *more* in photography than my IT job. I think it is simply dumb to quit your day job for photography if you have no plan and no revenue coming from that.
So I think instead of chasing a "dream". You should chase a reality - and with goal-setting and planning - ANYONE can make that happen :).

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Chris Collacott

In 2012 I quit my IT career of 15 years to travel the world and take photos. Well, ok, it was not as simple as that. It was not an easy task and I had a lot of things against me. I grew up being told by everyone that I need to get a job with a good company and work my way up the corporate ladder. Somewhere climbing that ladder I realized that what what other people wanted was not what I wanted. I realized that that "corporate job" was not necessarily my financial freedom as I had been told. I realized that going up the corporate ladder was not as secure as I have been told. Times are changing and those types of jobs are no longer secure as they were 10, 20 years ago. So why not pursue my passion and make a career out of that? Would it be any less secure financially? It turns out it is the best thing I did. More to this story to come :).

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Visiting the Empty Quarter in UAE showed me the vastness of what sand dunes can be. Endless to the horizon, these massive dunes created shapes and views that were hard to capture as everywhere you look - there is something new. I was here in Dec, and can't imagine what it would be like during the heat of the summer. One would not last long out there!
Who has been to the Empty Quarter?

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During the winter months her in the metro vancouver area, we occasionally get cool blue-bird days - but with fog filling the lower elevation areas. Such a place is here in the beautiful forest of western BC. At the right time, as the sun starts to break through the fog, you can get beautiful sun-rays through the canopy - a truly magical sight!
Who has visited during these times? :).

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One of my favorite places in BC has to be Assiniboine Provincial Park. The landscape here lens to its own magical composition - day or night. Seeing the milky way rising over Mt Assiniboine is something to see for sure!
Who would love to see this place one day (and who has?).

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Always challenge yourself - try new things and step outside your boundaries. Thanks for the shot @pebbleshoo!

I don't know how people can ever say there is nothing to do. There are so many things I would love to try out and do - but there is simply not enough time in this life-time to do them. I can only focus on a few at a time. I would love to do more climbing, learn how to use ropes and thus increasing my ability to safely negotiate terrain that one normally could not - but that takes time, which I don't seem to have. I would love to really get into video editing and create marketing videos.. but just don't have the time. I guess the thing is, if I try too many different things at once ... then it will spread the amount of experience on each one very thin, so I could never get good at them. So I have to remind myself - focus on just a few things that you are good at, and improve those so you become very good at it. Of course, I will always try other things (like in this pic)... as it is good to get a taste of something completely new. Never know.. I might find some super passion in it, and it then changes my direction.
Do you find that there are too many things to do and not enough time?

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Just gotta love when this happens! Right?!

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Is this a nuclear waste dump site?

There are so many wonders and unique places in this world - and some are unusual that at first glance, it almost seems unnatural. This place is one of this places.

Can anyone take a guess where and what this place is?

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Oddly enough, this is one of the most "controversial" images I've ever posted. Why? Well, to get to where I'm standing here, you have to jump a fence that clearly states danger and that one should not go over the fence, and there is a danger to it as you can slip and fall and ... die.
I would like to confirm though, I did contact Parks Canada, and there is no actual offense to going there - you can't get a fine. The signs are merely there to warn the general public as it basically on the side of the highway.
I've been told by people that by standing here, I may cause someone to die. that is, if someone saw this, and they decide to get the same shot - I would be the reason they did that thus guilty of their death. Or I by standing there are putting first responders at risk - of their lives of trying to rescue me if I fall in.
I suppose that brings up questions on risk. What risk are you willing to take to get a shot? Do people have different levels of what is risky or not? Ok, to someone who is 90 years old and needs a walker, sure this spot I'm standing would be super high risk to go there. For someone who has the right gear and is careful - this is nothing. One could argue driving a car down the road has a greater risk of injury than walking out there.
Since I did not break any park rules, and feel I have the skill sets to stand out here, I stand in confidence that there is nothing wrong with getting this shot. Yes, other people may see this and not have the skill-sets and get hurt - but that is *their* decision and therefore not my fault if they do.
What do you think?

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