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so blessed to be able to do what i love everyday. keep going guys! it’s so worth it.❣️ #paquita #indyballet


a lil day off stretch☺️💞 if you’re reading this, i want you to know that even though life is hard and messy and mistakes are enough. you are loved. you are seen. and there is grace and forgiveness and hope💭 🤗 tag someone who should hear that, i know I needed to👇🏼

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accurate. raise your hand if something hurts😂🙋🏼‍♀️💀and tag a friend in the comments for a surprise!👇🏼 (post by @these_dancers_have_talent)🙏


dreams don’t work unless you do💪🏼💞

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but first, coffee☕️ who else is feeling real tired on this tuesday🙋🏼‍♀️tag a coffee lover👇🏼



Comment some Netflix recommendations👇🏼👇🏼



comment a pink emoji if you dance 👇🏼💓💕💞


multitasking💪🏼 happy sunday to all of you🙏


I hope you know this to be true of this unmerited favor called grace: though it is hard to fully grasp it when you are deep in your unknowns, grace will give you freedom to take all of this breath by breath, and be okay if things are not all figured out at once. This will not be easy, but you will be okay, because you are learning as you go, growing in knowledge and in the grace. Morgan Harper Nichols 💭❣️#foodforthought (: Wishing all of you a good almost Friday🤗