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Mood. 👊🏻

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Trump’s list of insults... and why WORDS MATTER. 🇺🇸 #BeBest

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Love an outdoor summertime 🔥 and listening to 🦗 #myweekend 🌳🌲🌳🌲

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Want to work at CNN... with me? We have a rare WRITER/SEGMENT PRODUCER opening on my show team. You’d be based in NYC, keep killer hours and have a voice at such an important time in 🇺🇸. Link in bio for job info! 👊🏻

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Black women *dominating* magazine covers this week. I HAD to talk about this on 📺. Thanks to @lisafrance for calling my attention to this & to @michaelaangelad & @nischelleturner for the enlightening conversation. #CNN 🖤 SWIPE —->

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15 years ago this month, I made the best decision OF MY LIFE*: to get a dog. He is the first and only 🐶 I’ve ever had. And when my Aunt sent me this photo during my show today... I just had to share. (I was in my second TV job in my early 20’s... and the pug was just a few months old. Boy oh boy, we had so much to learn.)
*Yes yes... getting married was another “best decision of my life.” But let’s be real: the dog came first. 😉

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When your partner loves to cook SO MUCH (and you’re really *really* grateful and spoiled) but sometimes you’re 🤦🏼‍♀️! #cananyonerelate #sillythingsweargueabout

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This is @Paulette_Jordan. She’s running for Governor in Idaho. IF she were to win... she’d be the first female Native American Governor in the 🇺🇸. She’s fiercely protective of her ancestors and elders... we shot the interview on tribal land. 🌲 ⛰ #AmericanWoman
Season 2 of AMERICAN WOMAN (intvws w GOP and Dem female candidates) debuts in SEPT on CNN!

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What’s up SEATTLE! (🌧 in NYC kept me from making my ✈️ connection last night... so lucky me, I got a bonus morning in this beautiful city.) Next stop: Spokane... then 🚙 to Coeur D’Alene. 📺 🎥 #AmericanWoman

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It’s a pant suit kinda day!💕 (Thanks to @katyerbiti for the mid-show 📷 assist!)

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There is an UNPRECEDENTED number of women running for office this year. Look at @staceyabrams 🍑 on the TIME cover — I cannot wait to share my interview with Stacey and so many other bold women in my series #AmericanWoman. Debuts in September! #CNN

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MONDAY. @emilyy_fitness makes sure I bring it. #strongissexy #workingoutkeepsmesane 👊🏻

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