Charlie @charlie_the_golden18

Golden Retriever 🐶
DOB 10/23/17
Certified weirdo 🙃
Bros are Buddy & Tucker
Partially raw fed by @trudoghealth (CHARLIE15 for 15% off)

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Buddy did a counter surf and I gots proof! Ain’t getting me in trouble dis time 😁


Go ahead tell mom, you still ain’t getting dis toy back 🙈


Naughty boys like to be pampered too 😋
Video inspired by @tuckerbudzyn 😁


Y’all it’s not what it looks like. Heckin cat doin me wrong! 🙈😑


Dis Monday gots my eyes doin a sag. Tag a friend who might be feeling this way today 🙈


I sure do love @trudoghealth. Charlie has always been a finicky eater until I started partial raw feeding. Since then he looks forward to breakfast and dinner. If you have been thinking of making the switch I’d check them out. You can also save 15% using my code CHARLIE15


Sharing is caring lady. 😋


FaceTiming with ur best friend 😁😲🙈
Featuring @buddypup13 & @sophie.the.grumpcat


Stupid air blower doin my hairs a tickle 😑
FYI Charlie isn’t scared or upset hence the tail wagging, playful pose etc. He actually thinks it’s a game. Only thing he doesn’t like is having to sit still because c’mon it’s Charlie and sitting still just isn’t his thing. Air drying isn’t a option because have you ever smelled a wet dog? Yeah imagine a wet dog stuck in your house because it’s 30 degrees outside. The entire house and carpet will stink. Plus letting a golden air dry inside a house during winter isn’t good for their skin due to the moisture being trapped in the undercoat. So all negative comments will be deleted and you will be blocked.


Lady doin me a heckin torture again 🙈


Charlie’s food review part 14 🙈 Longer version is on my Facebook. (Link in bio)
Featuring @sophie.the.grumpcat


When the sweater you bought online isn’t what you expected 🙈😂