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@gopro Greece edit is live on YouTube. It’s rad- check it! #goprohero7


Kickflip shot by @noo_el_ for @grizzlygriptape


Randomly- haven’t done this trick in YEARS. Thanks @chaseingabor for filming it @berrics


🎥 @superpeebs


Got a single with @spanishmiketv


Neither @mercer215 or myself were at all close to making this until THIS TRY. Where we both randomly made it, at the same damn time.


Got the text to meet up and skate with my friends/skate legends this morning. Couldn’t say no to that! #streetcab #breakfastclub


Went to Fallbrook CA today to help support their efforts to get a skatepark. The vibe was excellent, a big crowd showed up, and the scene looked fantastic. With so many skaters really having a good time shredding around, it was easy to enjoy. Thanks @buckylasek for filming this of me


Penelope- “shoot a photo of me, dad!”


Truth- I just took these wheels off my board. I’ve been riding them since Sept 18th. They still roll smooth but I just needed a color change. @spitfirewheels formula fours are the real deal. These also went to Greece 🇬🇷 and back


Went and skated the @caskateparks TF yesterday with @club_midnite skated in the highlight of the merch stand Yellow Hoodie that both @andrewcannon and myself bought haha


#ad The McRib has made its long-awaited return, @UberEats is the exclusive delivery service for the McRib and they sent me this special box with some new gear. 😊  #ubereats #ubereatsdrop