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Tiny books are the best books📚🙌🏻❤️
I haven’t seen a nation that would adore wee books as much as Czech people do. This series is called the Blooms of Poetry & contains about 242 14.5cm poetry books - either compilations of themed poetry or excerpts by a certain author. The first one was published in 1958 and they are STILL being published today😳
I love that these are proper pocket friendly publications with thorough intros on the authors so you get a good idea what their writing/life is or was like🤓
I’ve already found two brilliant authors through this!🧐 And I reckon these would make a beautiful souvenir or a gift too - just look at the adorable cover art😍👌🏻


This is one of those spots in Prague that’s dead beautiful but tourists only rarely know about it☝🏻
It’s called the National Monument on Vitkov Hill and the statue there is the third largest bronze equestrian statue in the world🙌🏻😳(right after a statue in El Paso & in Rome✌🏻)
You can climb up on the top of the monument to get this immense view of the statue AND the city👌🏻
I genuinely reckon the best thing about Prague are the views👀 - so many towers, so many spires, so many view points, so many high points that give you truly breathtaking views🙏🏻


Botanical gardens are the most photogenic of places to see🌵❤️


It’s Valentine’s Day today so here’s a photo of us being in love, a looong time ago, long before I realised that I’ll never sleep with a duvet again, have a nap on the sofa in peace or have a whole pack of biscuits to myself🙈
Happy Valentine’s Day!😂❤️❤️❤️


Is it the weekend yet?🙄
This week’s already been so exhausting:
☑️ Been to the best concert ever with @jakub_frydrych_photography & afterwards I felt like I ran three marathons🤟🏻
☑️ Met tiny tiny TINY baby Victoria (courtesy of @alzbeta.krh💕) who also doubled up as the first baby I’ve EVER met😍
☑️ Ran 5k which isn’t all that exciting but within those 5k I’ve done my fastest sprint ever (when your body creates such speed you never imagined it actually could🏃🏻‍♀️💨😂)
☑️ finished my first audiobook after years of not being able to keep concentration on ANY spoken word in my headphones📚👊🏻
☑️ Survived two days at work which these days seems like an achievement in itself👀🤷🏻‍♀️😅
How’s your week been so far?👋🏻


All the snow’s melted in Prague so here’s a snowy picture to remind you how gorgeous this city looks with a very thin layer of sugar covering all the roofs and spires🏙❄️


When you read a plant care book in one afternoon from cover to cover including all small print you know it’s bloody good🌿🙌🏻


Pippin sometimes see ghosts🤷🏻‍♀️
And sometimes (more often than not) she gets all sorts of shit stuck to her nose🤦🏻‍♀️
We still love her though, we do💕


It’s almost Friday feels😽💤


Have you ever seen more joy (& concentration) than you can see in these three whilst they’re toasting sausages in a bin?🔥❄️
Traditional Czech pastimes truly make people happy don’t they🙌🏻❤️🇨🇿
#binfire #visitprague




Went to my first proper book club and it was definitely an experience👍🏻
If you’re not into politics and absolutely suck at Czech political history then one way to get out of your comfort zone is to join a book club on Vaclav Havel’s political manifesto Power of the Powerless🤯
My brain imploded multiple times but 10/10 recommend reading🤓🇨🇿