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thank you for the love @worldstar! 🌟#IndiaLoveTrouble
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“Ser luz não é sobre brilhar. E sim sobre ILUMINAR (pessoas, momentos e caminhos)” . ✨💛

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A convite do @hopihari uma galera invadiu aqui hj pra curtir uma noite do horror! eu já to todo cagado amigos mas passo bem.

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#Repost @annaritacerqueira with @get_repost
Contei um pouquinho nos stories sobre o creme da @100estrias 💜 Além de nos ajudar com as marquinhas tem um cheiro ótimo e hidratam a pele!

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Hay maquillajes que te hacen sentir 🦁🔥Sometimes makeup makes me feel wild 🦖 ( La tomé con la cámara frontal del Huawei y las sombras son de #Subculture )

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#WSHH #Premiere @Soldier_Kidd561 “SAD! Remix” (XXXTentacion Remix) #LiveNow #SoldierKidd #SADRemix dir- @freakwithkamera_

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I’ve had the best week ever💜

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#Doubletap if you love this cute picture of Jacqueline Fernandez!! @pinkvilla ♥️
#jacquelinefernandez #jacky #cute #adorable #petlove #star #actress #bollywood #pretty #beautiful #sweet #adorable #petlovers #gorgeous #pinkvilla

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Santiagueña 🇩🇴 💃🔥💗. Ahí mi definición.... ah faltó esta 🤪. Con cual emoji te identificas o me identificas ? #nattinatasha #pinarecords #laduradelasduras

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Boazinha eu? 😏Quem te falou se enganou, e quem me viu, mentiu! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥MIMIMI
No clichê necessário de fuck the rules

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essa sexta-feira tá pedindo coberta e netflix, mas enquanto isso, que tal uma live? 21h?! e aí vc topaaa?! 🤔❤️

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Qual foi a última vez que parou essa rotina maluca pra relaxar um pouco? ♥️🍃🐿 #TripDetox

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#regram @ultabeauty "We're going *bananas* over this collection! 🍌🍍" The #toofacedtutti collection is AVAILABLE NOW on ULTA.com and toofaced.com! #toofaced

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Weekends 🙌🏼

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Follow my baby 😍🔥🔥 @lily_brazilbombshell

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#TSRJingle: Our #Roomie @brianna.j___ made this #TSRJingle with some inspiration from Queen #ArethaFranklin! 🎤 🙌🏾

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How to get through a workday 😍
Submission: @tipsy_with_tito

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Uma flat linda e leve, do tipo que deixa a gente sonhando com os dias quentes do verão! | Ref: 5297-329

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يامتابعيني بحط لكم حسابي الثاني وابغى منكم تضيفوني فيه كلكم فديتكم لحد يجلس تعالو @dt_rd 👉🏻

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