Closed Eye Giraffes @closedeyegiraffe

For 6 years I've been asking friends, coworkers & strangers to draw me a giraffe with their eyes closed. Now it's time to share them.

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I absolutely adore this giraffe by my dear friend @meepsmzr. Especially those floating spots. She drew this just before New Years Eve and today she is starting a new gig in Washington D.C. Let’s wish her good luck, and that she really *stands out* in the crowd! 🦒 Go Mia!!! #closedeyegiraffe #giraffe #doodle #linedrawing


I love the ponytail tail on this giraffe! 👱🏼‍♀️Drawn over soba noodles with @clairevoyant. She did the first ever giraffe with eyelashes 6 years ago. I can always rely on her for delicious food adventures, sincerity, and creative ideas. She is going to Vietnam soon so leave your travel tips in the comments! #closedeyegiraffe #giraffe #sketch #linedrawing


Something about the sweet floating legs on this giraffe make me so happy! Like a ghost. Or an octopus? It was drawn by @linkuczera at a very crowded bar, but is so smooth and lovely. #closedeyegiraffe #giraffe #doodle #linedrawing #blindcontour


Four glorious hooves on this #closedeyegiraffe by @maddest_disalvo. What is your favorite part of a giraffe? The mane? The spots? The eyelashes? That crazy long 👅?? #closedeyegiraffe #giraffe #🦒 #blindcontour #linedrawing


🦒🥚#closedeyegiraffe with #worldrecordegg. Giraffes don’t actually lay eggs, they give birth standing up! The baby giraffe drops 1.5 meters to the ground when the mother gives birth and can walk just minutes later!! .
This giraffe was drawn by a carpenter from Canada that I met in Chengdu, China. #giraffe #birth #babygiraffe #egg


DYK giraffes in the wild sleep less than 3 hours per night?? 😴 That was me last night. Eagerly trying to keep up with all of your drawings and notes!
You can’t wipe this smile off of my face! I have LOVED seeing all of your #closedeyegiraffe roll in over the past 24 hours. Thank you for all of the kind notes, shares, and DMs. There have been lots of questions and I cannot get to all of them today. I’ll be hosting an AMA this evening in my stories, so pop in there later with your questions! I can’t wait to share more wonderful giraffes with you all week long. Keep them coming. ✨
And if you haven’t yet seen the behind the scenes video on IGTV, check it out now! Link in profile. ♥️
Thank you to everyone who participated in this video (see last post), everyone who has drawn a giraffe over the last few years, and to @benfitch, @tylermetcalfe, and all the wonderful IG minds that made this happen! 🦒♥️✨


♥️🦒Hello new friends and giraffe lovers🦒♥️! What an honor to collaborate with @instagram today to share some behind the scenes fun from this project in a way we never have before. Thank you to everyone who participated in this video, and the many more who have drawn giraffes over the last few years! Head to IGTV to see the making of the giraffes in this gallery by @jeffheimsath, @shortercr, @momcity, @mariemcg23, Ken M., @suleikajaouad, Aaron T., Ev, @jonbatiste, and @kemcnicholas! (Plus see even more giraffes by @anandavarma, @liea_lin, and more!)
This project has brought me joy for so long. I hope if you haven’t done one yet you will give it a try today! Use the hashtag #closedeyegiraffe and I will be featuring some of my favorites in my story this week! 🦒✨


🦒“I love it! It looks like a submarine” That’s a giraffe description I’ve never heard before. This video, that joy and laughter, is what keeps this project going! Enjoy these awesome giraffes by two wonderful visual editors, friends, and breakfast buddies @_mallorybenedict and @beckharlan. Tag someone who could use a smile right now. 😆
#closedeyegiraffe #giraffe #blindcontour #linedrawing #sketch


🦒✨Those HOOVES! 👣 Found this #closedeyegiraffe in an old notebook. The spots go perfectly with these bedsheets! But I can’t read the signature. Whodunnit? 🧐MYSTERY SOLVED: I posted it a few months back. 🤦‍♀️ it is by @elh1018 !
#blindcontour #lineart #linedrawing #sketch #doodle #giraffe #giraffes #giraffen #spots #polkadots


12 giraffes walk into a Christmas party...which one speaks to you? 🦒 I am really feeling the swirly head giraffe in the bottom right corner. These #closedeyegiraffe were drawn at @sofiahoney and @noahnielsen’s Christmas dinner by their family and loved ones! I am in 😍 #giraffe #sketch #doodle #partyactivity


🎄✨ Merry Christmas edition! What is your favorite holiday tradition? #closedeyegiraffe #giraffe #merrychristmas #sketch #notebook


Found this colorful giraffe drawn by Catherine (niece of @davidylee) while sorting through papers. Always a lovely surprise to find a #closedeyegiraffe between #paperwork 🦒📚📂
#giraffe #sketch #doodle #kiddrawing #coloredpencil #makeart