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The race is on to save 95 million year old dinosaur footprints from destruction!
Having designed the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in Winton, Queensland, our connection to this story is strong.
Head to our insta-stories for a link to an ABC article about this remarkable discovery and the race to ensure its preservation.
Images: @christopherfrederickjones


In our recently completed Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project, the elevation of rail line and stations produced an additional 17 kms of safe pedestrian and cycling paths. This project was delivered in collaboration with @aspectsudios. .
Image: Peter Clarke


An amazing series of aerial images capture the impact of the Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project, which we delivered in collaboration with @aspectstudios. Nine dangerous rail level crossings were replaced with five elevated stations along one of Melbourne's busiest transport corridors. Underneath, 22 hectares of open space has been transformed into a green linear park.
Image: Peter Clarke


Only a few weeks in, Adelaide Botanic High School has been embraced by students and staff. An active atrium sits at its heart, fusing the re-purposed and new buildings, and providing connectivity and transparency across all floors. This project was delivered in collaboration with @designinc_adelaide.
Image: @sam_noonan_photo


After a five year journey where COX has driven land use options to landscape delivery, Newcastle Light Rail officially opens today.
COX, with assistance from Context Landscape Design, has delivered more than just a rail infrastructure project – NLR is an exciting urban transformation undertaking that will play a major role in the revitalisation of Newcastle’s city centre.


‘Winton, population 875, is a typical outback town of wide flat streets, verandah-ed pubs and formal-fronted shops with corrugated sides and junkyard backs.
In this streetscape, the new centre looks like a geological monolith, a translocated jumpup with rough undulating earthy red walls, deep shadowy recesses nd a series of irregular projections darkly silhouetted against the cloudless sky.' Peter Skinner's review of the Waltzing Matilda Centre has been published in the Jan/Feb 2019 edition of Architecture Australia.
Image: Christopher Frederick Jones


The new Cairns Performing Arts Centre responds to its inherently tropical context and its direct relationship with the adjacent parklands. In-house, we like to refer to it as a building in the landscape.
Image: Andrew Watson


175 Eagle Street is an ambitious transformation of a significant tower within Brisbane's commercial district. In the lounge, a varied landscape of working, dining and lounge furniture creates a sophisticated space in which to meet or momentarily rest.


The new Performing Arts Centre at Presbyterian Ladies College is a living program of music and drama. A generous, light-filled lobby and atrium is connected by a major staircase, creating a busy and highly-visible environment.
Image: Peter Clarke


The new Melbourne Jet Base is located in a discreet location at Tullamarine Airport and services the elusive private jet market. The facility offers unparalleled levels of security but remains both welcoming and luxurious. .
Image: Peter Clarke


The Indonesia International Expo is located on the outskirts of bustling Jakarta and is now South East Asia's largest exhibition and convention centre.
Image: Christopher Frederick Jones


Sir John Monash Centre, Villers-Bretonneux, France
A building of international significance, but with an Australian heart. We conversed, consulted and interrogated to ensure that the original spirit of the site remained despite a design that is Australian as the soldiers immortalised on its walls.
Image: John Gollings