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My friend @luigichamorro came to do my makeup today 💖 first thing he said was that he wanted to do something different! I usually wear very little and natural makeup, and he wanted something more dramatic and glittery. We spent about 2 hours in this look because of how much we talked 😝 How do you guys like it? Should I wear more makeup more often? #makeupbyluigichamorro #makeupblogger #beautyblogger


Yesterday while @ohrangutang was getting tattooed @cvongsawat came to our studio for a quick visit and catch up and then this happened 📸❤️I guess that’s what happens when a few creators get together 😍 Thank you Chris for shooting this fire image and making me feel empowered 👊🏻 This is The Conservatives bathroom, that we decorated using pages from our magazine, available at @primateeyes . Am I the only makeup artist that likes to shoot without any makeup on? I just drew my eyebrows because they are a hot mess at the moment and applied mascara... I guess I could wear foundation next time to help a bit with the editing, right? #miamimakeupartist


This traveling girl is ready for a couple of days of self care. Now that we are back home, I’m setting up an appointment with @olammedspa ASAP to get my skin back on track. I also need and urgent eyebrow date with @browaholics and to freshen up my hair! This all needs to happen in the next 2 weeks because we are traveling again, this time to Hawaii 🌴 for the next @paradisechallenge #travelingmakeupartists #airportcristina


What a week we had in Costa Rica 🌴 thank you @cr_luxury for making this happen. We won’t forget the magical sunsets, the jungle and the monkeys and of course, the pacific water💙After a great week we are so ready to be back in Miami, back to our normal craziness and then ➡️ Hawaii. Let’s shoot 📸#travelingmakeupartist #ohrangutangtour


Sunscreen, hair oil and good vibes ✌🏻 this has been a trip like no other. We are used to plans going south but this time they went to a different dimension or something. Still making the best out of it and shooting non stop. Thanks to @cannabinoidwater for keeping us hydrated #ohrangutangtour #travelingmakeupartist


Pura Vida working non stop in Costa Rica 🌴 living off coconut water and pineapple (and burgers, fries, Doritos and ice cream). Wearing @antiguacollection and @dolceamorejewelry


We are in Costa Rica and it feels so good 🌴 we spent the morning chilling by the pool, then did a few shoots by the beach, and went to an ATV tour in the afternoon where I crashed 🤦🏼‍♀️ but we got the most amazing photos in the sunset. I miss the mountains so much! I grew up at the bottom of an amazing mountain El Avila and now I live in the flattest place on earth lol Wearing my always favorite @antiguacollection ✨ thanks to @cr_luxury @cannabinoidwater @bajolalunafest


Me and @ohrangutang are traveling tomorrow to Costa Rica! #AirportCristina is already getting ready. This flight has a higher level of difficulty because it’s an early one, which means we need to be ready TONIGHT... you understand what that means? 😬🙄 I’m sorry @ohrangutang (not really 😝).
Can’t wait to be shooting in the jungle! Check my stories if you want to know what Im packing for my makeup kit.
My T-shirt @primateeyes
#travelingmakeupartist #ohrangutangtour #puravida


This has been my favorite shoot so far 💕 Every time @ohrangutang shoots me we are alone but this time it felt more intimate and magical. Maybe because I am sitting in a vintage vanity that I absolutely love or the light filtering through the red fabric behind me, or the smell of the powder... or maybe because he made me feel more beautiful than ever. Thank you @ohrangutang for this magical moment. Full set ➡️ @ohrangutangtv


I always like to get a fake tan when I go to the beach because I won’t get naturally tan and I don’t really like to be “the fairest of them all” lol. I used The One by @abronztail ☀️ It’s super easy to apply and buildable so you can get as dark as you want. I used two rounds this time for an extra bronzed look 👩🏻‍🦳➡️👩🏽‍🦳


My husband looks at other women and compliments them and I’m ok with that... why? How?
Well, the fact that someone is beautiful doesn’t really affect how beautiful I am. It’s not a competition, we can all be beautiful at the same time.
Compliments are just that, compliments, words of appreciation towards someone’s appearance (in this case) which doesn’t mean he wants to sleep with her, leave me or that he loves me any less. He is just saying his opinion in a respectful way and making someone feel good.
Not every man that gives a compliment wants to f*ck her. And not every girl that takes the compliment is accepting to have sex. If you give me a respectful prop I’ll happily take it, and I am in no way, flirting.
Dear men... stop been creepy and sneaky and start complimenting girls all the time, not only when you want to have sex.
Dear women, it’s about empowering each other. Appreciate beauty and let your S/O appreciate it as well.
#respectfulcreeps #complimenteachother #appreciatebeauty


2018 was the year to grow, to realize what we came here to do and to evolve. I’m hoping 2019 to be the year to enjoy. I want to keep growing and evolving. And I want to bring you guys closer to our journey. I want you to help us grow by sharing our travels, experiences and anecdotes. We’ll be here, working as usual, but happy, extremely happy! Make that your daily resolution, love yourself or make the necessary changes to make yourself happy without hurting yourself in the process. I promise to share more if you promise to be happy ✨ love you all, have a wonderful 2019