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We are always so inspired by people overcoming odds. Overcoming those crystallizing moments. When somebody says you can't do something. Or when something catastrophic happens in your life that initially shocks you. Then motivates you and changes the trajectory of your life. .

What about the enemy you CAN'T see? This enemy is the killer. This enemy is the demotivator. .

The little arguements. The flat tyres. The unexpected bills. The draining workload. The random illness. The minor setbacks that throw you off course. The small things that don't have enough negative energy to stick your middle finger at. .

It's these things that aren't sexy or inspiring to overcome. And it's these things that slowly chip away at your belief system and hold you down!! You get no pat on the back when you overcome them. .

The key is. .

To do your best in all situations and celebrate the little victories. If you come to the gym when you don't feel like it. You lack sleep, energy or motivation. And you still come. Wow. That is awesome. If you are starving and everyone around you is having pizza and you say no. When you walk away from a situation that doesn't serve you in any way. These are victories. They all count! .

Stop being so hard on yourself. .

Life has been no bed of roses for me. If I punished myself everytime something or someone tried to impact me in a negative way. I wouldn't be here!! .

All of these things are thrown at you for a reason. To test your character. To aid your growth. So let nothing. Big or small. Derail you on your quest to reach your full potential. .

Thank you for reading 😀


You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. We tend to forget that! Life isn't an obligation. You're in control. .

We do things for an end result. So don't think at the task at hand. Think about what is on the other end of accomplishment. If that objective isn't important, progressive or compelling then get rid of it. .

Run the day. Don't let the day run you. You're not a robot. You're in control. Respect yourself, your precious time and energy. .

I don't HAVE to do anything. I CHOOSE to. All you have to do is prioritize your most important tasks and change the words "have to" to "get to" and everything will change for the better.


Please pay attention to this post. It will help a lot of people. .

Being disorganized and having no structure with your training and lifestyle amplifies your negative emotions to your body image, tenfold. X10!! .

I always say and for a reason. "Plan your work/work your plan. Why that is so important is....point of reference!" This is the most important thing. .

I'll use 2 examples. .

1. Majority of people. Have no idea what their calorie intake and calorie expenditure is. One day could be 3500calories. The next could be only 1100. The next they could starve themselves. Your body doesn't have a point of reference to make adaptations. So how do you think your mindset will be. Hoping, wishing, praying to change shape but not really knowing if you are. Your judgement is based solely off emotion. Which WILL lead to you feeling self conscious and adding a lot more emotion to your body image than necessary. .

2. My plan for the week. I've dropped my calories to 2600 calories and dropped the carbs 5%. 5 day bodybuilding split with 1 yoga, 1 boxing and 1 sprint sesh. All I have to do is follow that equation and think nothing more about it. Doing this I should drop 1% bodyfat this week. And if I don't, guess what. I'll objectively make an adjustment and feel good about it. No emotional attachment. .

Whenever I have given somebody a specific plan to follow. A calculated structured plan. It removes so much negative emotion. Not all of it. You still have to battle those demons to stick to the plan BUT it takes out all the guess work. Even if you make a plan yourself. You have that point of reference. You then have something to compare to. This is how you get to know your body. .

Eliminate emotion. Emotions are volatile. Emotions change. No more random workouts. No more emotional eating. You are in control. Plan for your success. Make it happen!


Barcelona was my favourite day of the Europe trip and only 1 of 2 days I could actually train..... I wonder if there is a connection there 🤔 .

If I don't train, I don't feel like myself. To really excel and get the results you are after. You must integrate the lifestyle into your fabric and love it. I don't HAVE to train. I don't have to do anything. I GET to train. It's all choice. It's all privilege.



Try this finisher. .

10 minutes of hell. .

At the end of your workout.
Pick 1 isolation exercise for 1 bodypart. .
Choose a weight you can perform 12 reps with good form. Have only 20 second rest periods until the 10 minutes are up.
Drop the weight only if you fail 6 reps and under. See if you can last the 10 minutes. .

Currently taking on new clients. I need 6 new male clients on boarded and ready to rock by Monday. .

B.O.S 30 kicks off next Monday. I want goals written and measurements/pics done by Monday.

Hit me up if you are ready for the next level. .

Drop me a message and tell me WHY you want to get want to sculpt a proportionately sculpted lean/ muscular physique. Your answer must be compelling and exciting!


Surfers paradise wiv ma best fwiend. Absolutely loved it but so pumped to be back. Excited to see everyone. I'm sure everyone doesn't feel the same way 😂 I'm going to bring the pain in the gym tomorrow. Be afraid 🙀


Just got to surfers 🌊
On holidays......guess what? Calories and macros still count 🙃
No excuses. Gotta live the lifestyle.




The 19 year old me would be pretty stoked with how life turns out.
What a journey. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life. Major or minor.

I wouldn't change a thing.


Hmmm. Might have to stop training chest and somehow get my pinhead to grow 😂 .

Today's chest workout. .
Db incline
27kg x 20, 10
45kg x 12 x 2
40kg x 12
35kg x 12
Incline fly/press variation
27kg x 10 x 3
Pec deck
65kg x 10
45kg x 10 (drop set)
Flat bench
3.1.3 tempo
80kg x 10
70kg x 10
60kg x 10 x 2
100 reps
Cable fly
4 plate x 12 x 3
Bench press machine
30kg per side x 50 reps (6 sec rest til 50)
Tricep pushdown run the stack x 4 .

Biggest tip!! Form/connection over weight. Allday errday.


I want some participation on this post. .

How was your first full week of 2019? .

Have you been working towards your new goals? .

A little tip. All you need to do is think about what your goals are. Think about what action steps it would take for someone else to achieve them....(so you can be objective, separate yourself and have a clear action steps.) Then break them down and implement them in your weekly scheduling.
Well durrrr Daniel. Everyone knows that. Buuuttt who does it? .

The things that are easy to do, are also easy not to do. .

Remember this. You build self confidence by making yourself promises to yourself and keeping them. .

I obviously have a lot of goals but I will just use my physical goals as an example. I am knotted up, stiff as a board and starting to lose my agility and speed. So on top of my bodybuilding training I included boxing, yoga, spring training, remedial massage multiple times a week. My training was a bit stale so I visited my old stomping ground as you see in the pic.... I have put on a bit of beef since I was last here 😍 Coming here reminded me of hungrier times. I loved it. .

So let me ask again. How did your 2019 start off? Did you put in the action steps to work towards your goal? If not there is always next week. If you need help with the clarity of your goal setting or implementing the best action steps into your week (while maintaining a sustainable workload and good life balance.) Hit me up. As I get older I am getting better at this. .

If not. Please comment below on your experience. I would love to hear it.


Try this Tuesday.
Very simple and you may already do this, but if you don't.....apply it right away.
Whenever you are doing ANY menial tasks, listen to something educational, motivational/inspirational.
What you focus on expands. Thoughts lead to feelings, actions and then results. So just by listening to something while you are doing your monotonous duties and obligations, can skyrocket your success and mindset.
At the moment I love listening to Ed Mylett. In fact I paused cleaning the fish tank and doing the lawns to write this post because my while doing this very thing, my energy was high and thoughts were progressive.
I'm in the habit now. Whenever I clean the house, do the lawns, drive (especially) or perform other mindless physical tasks. I plug something progressive into my ears.
Takes very little effort. The benefits far outweigh the actions needed to reap them.
Try this.
PS in the pic I am wearing headphones at the gym. Don't do this at the gym. Blast some heavy metal or gangsta shit and smash your workout. There is a time and place.