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I’m workin on a world premiere. don’t @ me. // @adventureconwards with the trigger.


When I first saw a picture of this waterfall I knew I wanted to go see it for myself so instantly started searching for it only to find it was only accessible by lifted 4x4s. After two years, I got the perfect opportunity to check it out and it surpassed what I expected it to look like, especially with such beautiful lush surroundings. Get out there and explore until your heart is full! 🎶 “You & Me” covered by @meute_official


Grab a friend and wander till your heart if full. We drove 2 hours to make it just in time to watch 30 minutes of this sunset and it’s these moments filled with laughter that I will forever be grateful for.


places where my heart lies


this world is a wonderland, sometimes you just need to exert a little effort to find the hidden beauties in your backyard


summertime magic ❤️


I came to a realization that I haven’t woken up with a tent view once this summer... it’s time to get out there and enjoy some neature 🙏🏻 in the mean time here’s a tbt to a stellar trip in 2016


setting up for a night among the peaks // #SevenDayWeekend @postmarkbrewing


just a couple of kids lost in thought, exploring around the world, letting our minds run free of worry and pain // @_ejohnstone_ on the swing wearing some @forgottenyouthsupply 🤘🏼


a couple years ago I started living as if every opportunity was a chance of a lifetime, taking extra days off and valuing each dollar towards experiences and friends. I started reminiscing the other day and have realized how much life I’ve lived and how many new friends I’ve been making. I am a completely new person and I will never look back. I highly recommend you start leaping into every opportunity and start learning how to grow from it 🙏🏻


Me & my friends living in pretend today, never wanna end, never let it end I pray [ 🎶Sounds like: Bliss City - @odiexyz ]


pointing the camera in any direction while in the Rockies will almost always result in a beautiful picture