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#ad I have used @oxicleanofficial since my son was born for his cloth diapers and now I use OxiClean with Odor Blasters to keep my activewear fresh, stainless, and stink-free.
I had a blast shooting my first video ad with my family a few weeks ago at our home. It was a fun and new experience for us all having a film crew follow us around for the day, but it was worth it!
Be sure to click the link in my bio to head on over to the blog to read about the rest of our experience!


Yes, I’ve gained weight. GASP! A personal trainer gaining weight?? What?? 😵 I’ve gotten a lot of comments lately on my posts saying how “thic” I look so I wanted to address it this once.
Lately, my goal has had nothing to do with my aesthetic, looks, or physique. I’ve been focusing on how I feel and my health, instead.
Last month, I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation Type I (adult onset), a congenital brain condition that causes severe neurological symptoms such as daily headaches, sharp neck pains, dizziness, tremors, muscle weakness, and joint pain.
To put it simply, I haven’t felt good in the last year as I’ve been declining and I haven’t been able to workout like I used to.
When I cough, laugh, sneeze, look up, bend over, or lift heavy things, I usually get a sharp pain in my head. This is my new normal and there’s no cure. I can opt to do brain surgery as a last resort to slow the progression and to help with the symptoms, but again that’s a last resort.
So here I am at 140lbs. The heaviest I’ve been (non-pregnancy) since 2010. It’s been a little tough to deal with.. But it’s also been an amazing journey where I’ve learned to love my body for the basic things that it can do: walk, talk, breathe, eat, smell, and see.
These are things we often take for granted. I used to take days without headaches for granted, but I no longer do. Every day is a blessing. Every good feeling is even a bigger blessing. Your health can change within a minute-even if you’re the healthiest person on the planet.
When I get home, I will be changing my diet and exercise routine to best suit my condition while seeing specialists to see what can be done to control my symptoms medically and non-surgically.
I cannot even begin to thank you all for the love and the support. I never thought in a million years something like this would happen to me. I have asked God countless times “WHY?” But I’ve accepted it and will be trekking forward. 💪🏽 If you’re suffering from daily or chronic headaches, please go see a doctor and request a brain scan or MRI! I wouldn’t have found my diagnosis without one.
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No Weights Arm Workout! 💪🏽 Little man asked if he could join in and I said of course! I never ever want to discourage the kiddos from working out with me, if that’s what they want to do. They see it was “just for fun” now, but someday they’ll realize the importance of it all. Healthy habits right?


Give yourself a permission to be a work in progress. 💫
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Not-Your-Mama’s Booty Workout 🍑 Leave those boring squats and lunges behind. Try these moves instead!
I brought along my Relax tea from @teamiblends on vacay for a little TLC. Other than calming my nerves and helping me sleep at night, it’s great for soothing tired or sore muscles too. It contains natural ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and valerian root.

All teas are breastfeeding and pregnancy safe (except the Colon Cleanse) as well! WOOHOO! If you wanna try it for yourself, take 25% off your ENTIRE order with code DIARY25.

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#ad Currently trying to grow out my hair and making it as healthy as possible. I’ve stopped using products with silicones, sulfates, and parabens and I’ve noticed a huge difference. I’ve also been taking all of the right vitamins and minerals to help with my hair, skin, and nails.
Beauty starts from within by making sure you get the nutrients you need. I’m currently loving the Beauty TonIQ from the Earth Genius line by GNC Live Well. This supplement beautifies you from the inside out as it contains collagen to improve skin’s structure, plus hyaluronic acid, and blood orange extract which is known to improve skin tone.
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Finally got a hold of the newest issue of @strongfitnessmag! I am so honored to be in the November/December issue on newsstands now talking business, postpartum depression, and editing photos!
I have such a big story to tell and it doesn’t stop here. I’m so honored to get the word out and to be able to relate to you ladies on the deepest of levels.
@strongfitnessmag runs 6 issues a year and is one of my favorites to read so be sure to subscribe or pick up a copy at your nearest Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million.


There’s something so freeing about the ocean. 🌊 You can sometimes literally wash away your problems.
Thank you @kaikananisailing for hosting us. I’ve always wanted to snorkel at Molokini and now I was able to! Who knew kid-friendly sailing existed? 💜

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Is your coconut half full or half empty? 🥥

The last two days here, I’ve had an excruciating headache and nothing helps. This is the hallmark sign of Chiari and something I have to just deal with. My body wants to stay in bed, but I want to go out and live life. It hurts to move, to talk, and to simply see.
The bad days certainly teach me to appreciate the good days when I’m headache-free. But doesn’t this apply to everything in life? You have to learn to accept the good with the bad because it can’t always be sunshine and rainbows.. but you know what? It won’t always be fire and brimstone either.

Choose to see the coconut half full.
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NO GYM AB WORKOUT... with a little video-bomb included.


Never allow anyone to destroy your inner peace. 🧜🏽‍♀️
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Taken with an iPhone X at sunset by my hubby. Edited with Lightroom app. (Getting messages asking) 🌸


Ever since my first visit to Maui, I told myself I always wanted to get a real flower crown or Lei Po’o like the hula girls wear. 🌸
I truly felt like a princess! Or perhaps a real life Moana. Thanks to my hubby for the pics.
Crown: @hakumaui
Swimsuit: @montce_swim

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